Overwatch tactic allows Sombra to exit stealth without alerting enemies

Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has discovered a useful trick that allows Sombra to exit stealth without alerting her opponents.

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In the current iteration of Sombra, use of stealth is especially powerful as it no longer has a limited duration. Sombra players can stay invisible for as long as they like while they look for the perfect moment to strike.

One player has discovered a way of being even sneakier with Sombra, however. Typically, enemies within a certain proximity will be alerted by a voice line when Sombra comes out of stealth, giving them at least some warning of the imminent danger.

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As u/Squidbit demonstrates, however, it’s possible to avoid giving the enemy this notification by performing an emote, which will cancel the stealth without triggering the audio cue.

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Of course, using this trick does come with its own drawbacks. Performing an emote will result in a couple of seconds in which the player is unable to move, so the scenarios in which it’s viable will be limited. It’s very much the stealth option – you’re trading what is essentially a self-inflicted stun for absolute silence in an effort to catch the enemy completely off-guard.

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If you are going to go for this tactic, u/Squidbit recommends using the Dance emote, which seems to have the shortest cooldown between beginning the emote and being able to exit to reclaim control of your movements.

This isn’t the first time that Sombra has been able to use emotes strategically. A previous bug that enabled her to use emotes to immediately come out of invisibility without any delay to using abilities was patched out, although it’s unclear whether this tactic would also be considered an issue by Blizzard.

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