Apex Legends Banners would make perfect Overwatch matchmaking update

Alan Bernal
overwatch genji apex legends banners

Apex Legends’ Banners are a great way to commemorate a players’ achievement in a match and the Overwatch community thinks they would make the perfect matchmaking update for the game.

Overwatch rewards players with medals and accolades for their in-game performance. But these achievements don’t really capture the community’s attention, and some even think they’re outright useless.

This is where Blizzard can borrow a page out of Respawn Entertainment’s book on post-game screens that give players something to bask in.

More specifically, Overwatch players could be more invested in racking up in-game medals if there was a flashy way of showing them off to the rest of the lobby.

overwatch medals apex legends banners
Overwatch banners could be the perfect update to make post-game lobbies better.

Apex Legends’ banners in Overwatch

Reddit user ‘quazar_’ suggested the devs implement something akin to Apex Legends’ Banners to Blizzard’s FPS where you can see all of the worthy highlights people care about.

“I worked a bit on the cards’ concept and this is how it turned out,’ quazar_ said. “Cards effects and hero poses would change according to the number of votes they get and they would show your current skin.”

An added bonus that’s really popular with the Overwatch community was the idea to see the player’s Hero cosmetics on the banner along with the concept that hero poses could change depending on how many votes it gets.

overwatch medals

Though the idea still shows medals, people thought a fun way to mix it up would be to throw in hero damage done or more meaningful achievements to distinguish their performance.

The base concept would be something that Blizzard could scale up to make something truly unique to Overwatch.

As we endure the downtime before Overwatch 2, some of these ideas could be a simple quality of life updates that go a long way for the community.

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