New World players are walking under water by exploiting lack of swimming animation

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New World, the new MMO from Amazon Games Studio, shockingly lacks a swimming animation, and players are walking around under large bodies of water because of it.

Amazon has delivered its first game in New World, and it’s already exploded in popularity. While players are sitting in audaciously long waiting queues to play, the wait is worth it for those looking to sink time into a new MMO.

The game isn’t perfect, though, and users have revealed one missing detail that makes swimming in the water a strange experience.

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New World was officially released on September 28.

New World swimming animation leads to hilarious moments

New World has one glaring problem when it comes to swimming, and it’s that, technically, you cannot swim in the game. Players noticed this originally in the open beta, when users were walking into the water and going straight to the bottom as if they had cement tied to their feet.

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Amazon Games Studios haven’t added a swimming animation upon the game’s official release, leading to some hilarious posts across the web. One Reddit user, Nicoch777, noticed how awkward it is to traverse a body of water by walking at the bottom of it saying, “I hate swimming in MMO’s but this is somehow worse.”

Not including swimming is a peculiar oversight for players who are used to games typically including a specific animation for their character to swim.

The website PC Gamer noticed how Amazon’s lack of attention to detail with swimming is certainly unconventional.

Right now it is not clear if New World will be patching in swimming to the game at a future date, or if this new way of traversing water is the way they intended it.

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