New World server issues can let players spam abilities with no cooldown

New World charactersAmazon Games

Millions of players have been logging into New World since its release, but that’s been causing server issues to arise – with subsequent bugs revealing themselves that let players spam abilities with no cooldown.

Amazon Games’ latest title release is an ambitious MMO that’s so far been garnering a ton of attention leading up to its September 28 launch. But now that the servers are open, the game has been struggling to keep up with how many people are trying to get in.

This is leading the devs to make urgent updates like opening up new servers and expanding player capacity to keep New World performing well.

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But until the studio puts out all the fires, people like Twitch streamer ‘Neeko2lo’ noticed that the server issues are leading to gameplay issues that let players throw ability after ability without cooldowns.

New World server issues leading to bugs

Two large groups of people were duking it out near Everfall when the streamer decided to join the fray. At first, there was a problem with a lag, then there was a problem with PvP.

“Look at this,” he began. “Every single time there’s too many people on the server this happens. I have infinite Feral Rushes. I can’t do anything about it.”

This led him to believe that “the server doesn’t register cooldowns” since the player was firing out Feral Rushes after the next.

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Typically, the Tier II skill has a 12-second cooldown attached to it so that players don’t go hog wild with devastating empowered attacks in a row.

While Amazon Games gets a hold of New World server issues, this has been a bug that’s been cropping up in the early moments of the new MMO.

It’ll be interesting to see if this issue persists once New World’s servers become fully stable, or there’s going to be another bug for the devs to fix.