Ex-Warriors champs add fuel to Charles Barkley’s harsh San Francisco slight

Matthew Legros
Andrew Bogut controlling the basketball during his stint with the Golden State Warriors.

Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli were instrumental in the Golden State Warriors’ 2015 championship run, and in giving Charles Barkley’s recent dig at the city of San Francisco new life.

Charles Barkley caught attention during TNT’s broadcast of the 2024 NBA All Star Game for his disrespectful assessment of the city of San Francisco, which two former Golden State Warriors champions seconded.

Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli stood in agreement with Barkley bashing the city’s dangerous landscape as a prime reason to stay far away from it.

The two big men, whose Warriors represent the entire Bay area including San Francisco and Oakland, did not defend their loyal former crosstown fanbase or even play the neutral ground.

Andrew Bogut & Festus Ezeli throw dirt on fanbase

Barkley originally stated that San Francisco requires visitors and inhabitants to walk around with “bulletproof vests” because of their influx of “homeless crooks.”

The Hall-of-Famer’s blast was immediately shot down by co-commentator Draymond Green, who defended the city that his Warriors relocated to four seasons ago.

Green’s former teammates were not as loyal. Bogut took to X/Twitter put a battery in Barkley’s back with this priceless reaction:

Ezeli followed up his former teammate with a double-sided response, calling for the Bay to get a just perception from outsiders while throwing up a crying emoji in the same breath:

Ezeli’s post in particular received a considerable amount of support from the city’s finest. Some even called for Barkley to be banned from the city in a humorous raid of additional reactions.

Barkley will be Barkley. He’s no stranger to coming at NBA city’s and their populaces on Inside the NBA. Barkley is already on the bad side of San Antonio’s women (via Bleacher Report) and Phoenix’s hardworking Footprint Center staff. He can now add San Francisco to the list.

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