Andre Iguodala shades former teammate in longstanding viral debate

Matthew Legros
Stephen Curry (left) and Andre Iguodala (right) as members of the Golden State Warriors.

Former NBA star Andre Iguodala was asked who he would want to take the game-winning shot in a tied playoff game. His shocking answer may have shaded one of his former teammates.

Iguodala played with many future Hall-of-Famers including Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler. All three have hit big-time baskets under the brightest lights.

However, one particular teammate was glaringly glossed over, especially considering who the 19-year veteran went with for all the marbles.

Andre Iguodala chips in on decade-long debate

Iguodala was a guest on The Ringer’s “The Ryen Russillo Podcast” on Thursday. Russillo put the Illinois native on the hot seat to choose who he’d bank on in money time of a knotted-up playoff game.

Iguodala went with Dallas Mavericks All-Star Kyrie Irving over the field, including fellow Golden State Warriors champion Stephen Curry.

Above that, he took things a step further by stressing the distinction between just how good the two dynamic point guards are in the clutch without being challenged on the perceived Curry slight.

“Kyrie Irving. It’s not even close,” Iguodala declared. “You’re talking about fear factor at any given moment or for like that moment? Kyrie.”

Iguodala had a justifiable reason for not choosing Curry. He cited the all-time career three-point leader’s weakness when double teamed as the line drawn in the sand.

“But with Kyrie, he’s just so good, you can’t get the ball out of his hands,” Iguodala continued before backing up his statement with widespread support. “You ask anybody in the league, that’s a scary guy to see.”

The debate has been raging since Irving sealed the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2016 championship win over the Warriors with a go-ahead three-pointer in Game 7.

That raised serious questions as to whether he was more reliable than the then-unanimous MVP Curry when it mattered most.

Iguodala’s honesty sprung up more talk on the matter in the social media sphere. Irving continues to get a slight advantage over Curry. Ultimately, both have had their share of incredible late-game playoff moments.

Four championships and a strong friendship were not enough for the 2015 NBA Finals MVP to exalt Curry over one of his biggest rivals at the point guard position. But there’s likely no love lost between them.

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