NBA 2K23 fans convinced familiar character will have big role in MyCareer

Alec Mullins
nba 2k23 mycareer player

MyCareer is a big draw for every game in the longstanding basketball series and now some fans are convinced that a familiar face will be getting a promotion in NBA 2K23’s signature story mode.

Ever since the arrival of the next-gen version of NBA 2K14, players have been treated to custom stories for their created players inside MyCareer mode. Whether taking up the mantle of Frequency Vibrations or most recently becoming the social media superstar MP, the franchise has produced many memorable narratives over the years.

This year fans are taking bets on whether a familiar face to the mode will be popping up again to take part in guiding you through the story and the odds seem to be in his favor.

NBA 2K23 fans hope that recognizable NPC has big role in MyCareer

The character in question has juggled a lot of tasks in his various appearances across the titles. From being the cop (Officer Vasquez) that interacts with ‘Freq’ in the Spike Lee-created Livin Da Dream story of 2K16 to handling refereeing duties in 2K22, there’s not much that this man can’t do apparently.

Back in 2K18, he made his debut as a referee, but he’s also had other sly appearances in the franchise. All of this has hardcore fans placing bets on where he might show up next.

The suggestions so far have ranged from just another ref all the way to being a janitor “with all the throwback stories of his glory days.”

While some fans believe that the appearance of he-who-was-once Officer Vasquez indicates that all of the storylines actually take place in some kind of multiverse, nothing in the game itself suggests that he’s anything more than a convenient render that the team already has ready to plug in when they need an extra body to fill in a gap.

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