NBA 2K22 players slam Season 9 rewards as “slap in the face”

Alec Mullins
a MyPlayer in the NBA 2k22 neighborhood

NBA 2K22’s final season is here and it has caused an uproar from the game’s most avid players calling it a “slap in the face” for being dedicated through the whole season.

With the release of 2K23 coming up quickly, 2K Sports has revealed the rewards list for NBA 2K22’s final season.

This path, which hands out every level-40 reward from seasons past, might entice casuals to hop back on the hardwood and hand out buckets. However, for the hardcore players, it doesn’t have that same attraction.

NBA 2K22 vets explain why Season 9 rewards are a “slap in the face”

Reddit user u/beatsbybighead took to the platform and called the new seasonal rewards, “A slap in the face,” and said, “I’m glad they’re doing this for new players… but existing players should have the option to get something else,” in a comment later in the thread.

Players will be able to obtain previous season rewards in the season nine reward path for MyCareer, which means the return of the skeleton costume, a mascot costume, as well as an actual tiger for your player to show off in The Neighborhood.

While the reaction by the OP is a valid reason to be upset, especially for anyone that spent the last year grinding to level 40 every single season, there are many other fans in the thread that are very appreciative of 2K for doing this.

u/LivininAmerica responded and said, “As a casual this is great. I’m not getting 2K23 (at least until it’s on game pass), so I at least have a chance for some stuff this season.”

For players like this, Season Nine is a way to get their feet wet and prepare for the arrival of a new title

NBA 2K23 is set for a September 8 release on all platforms.