Patriotic Pacers fans get Fergie flashbacks after girl performs “worst” national anthem

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Kinsley Murray performs national anthem at Pacers game

A young girl named Kinsley Murray performed the national anthem at a recent Pacers game, and it quickly drew comparisons to Fergie’s infamous performance

Performing the national anthem is a daunting task. Everyone under the sun has performed America’s staple tune, from Whitney Houston to Beyonce and Reba McEntire.

While most of the time, the performances go off without a hitch, there are occurrences when things go horribly wrong. During a 2018 NBA All-Star game, pop singer, Fergie, ripped into the national anthem and had many scratching their heads. She later apologized for the performance.

Similarly, a young Kinsley Murrary whipped out a passionate version of the national anthem during a recent Indiana Pacers game, and it caused quite a stir among Pacers fans.

Kinsley Murray performs national anthem at Pacers game
Murray performs the national anthem at Pacers game

Girl draws comparisons to Fergie after singing national anthem

The Pacers team uploaded the performance to their official TikTok page to celebrate the moment. “The passion. The outfit. This anthem performance is unmatched,” read the caption. Fans quickly took to the comments and drew comparisons to Fergie’s infamous performance.

“Fergie got some competition,” joked a fan.

“All I’m saying is that no one has seen her and Fergie in the same room,” wrote one user.

“Fergie has been real quiet since this has been posted,” said another.

“Fergie is her vocal coach,” added one viewer.

“Fergie’s long lost child,” quipped a user.

“She took Fergie’s All-Star Anthem as a challenge,” added someone else.

Reportedly, Kinsley Murray has been performing at various sporting events for several years. Based on a resurfaced Twitter/X post, the young performer began singing out in public as young as two years old. In another post, she can be seen singing the national anthem for a local girls’ team when she was four.

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