MultiVersus players think God of War’s Kratos could join the roster after dev comments

Brianna Reeves
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Based on comments made by the title’s Creative Director, MultiVersus players think God of War’s Kratos may eventually become playable.

Kratos is no stranger to playing the guest character role in popular games. In 2011’s Mortal Kombat 9, the beloved PlayStation character entered the mix as a PS3 exclusive.

December 2020 saw the latest version of the Spartan appear in Fortnite as a playable hero across all platforms.

Other PlayStation mainstays such as Aloy from Horizon and Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame have similarly landed on Fortnite Island in recent years.

Thus, Sony allowing one of its characters to migrate to yet another popular online game would hardly come as a surprise.

Why do fans think God of War’s Kratos could come to MultiVersus?

Creative Director Tony Huynh recently tweeted that a “literal dream” recently came true for him, one he can’t wait to share with MultiVersus fans.

His use of the word “dream” in combination with previously social media posts has caused Reddit users such as TheBestJackson to speculate that Kratos may eventually launch as a guest character.

In April of this year, Huynh quote tweeted fan art of God of War’s Kratos in MultiVersus. The Creative Director’s response simply said, “this would be a dream.” He later told another fan that dreams don’t manifest without “a lot of hard work.”

Huynh’s history as a designer for God of War 3 and Ascension, along with Kratos’ appearance in MK9, could set the stage for a WB Games and Sony collaboration. At the time of writing, however, this is mere fan speculation based on admittedly tenuous evidence.

However, other exciting characters will soon pop up in the crossover fighter. Gremlins’ Gizmo remains on track for a release on Thursday, September 8.

MultiVersus is playable now across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

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