MultiVersus fans convinced they’ve found Walter White fighter clue

David Purcell
walter white in multiversus

MultiVersus fans have started a campaign to get Breaking Bad’s Walter White into the game – and now, they’re convinced it might actually be happening.

The fan request blew up around the time of EVO 2022, after the winners NAKAT and Void won the tournament, requesting the character be added in the future.

This prompted a response from the video game’s developers, as the official MultiVersus account liked the tweet and Senior MultiVersus character artist Dan Eder admitted he would love to see Walt join the roster.

Since then, two further possible clued have been discovered on social media by eagle-eyed fans, hinting at the possible edition of Heisenberg.

MultiVersus fans notice Walter White hints on Twitter

So far, Twitter has been the home of much of the speculation.

On August 11, players of the Warner Bros fighting title noticed something very interesting. The ‘Walter White for MultiVersus’ account – leading the campaign for his future inclusion – had been followed by the official game’s account.

On top of that, Tony Huynh, MultiVersus Game Director, fueled further rumors with a cheeky retweet of a post from the very same account. The post has since surpassed 14,000 likes.

Over on Reddit, a fan replied: “He’s definitely gonna be one of the first characters they talk about when looking at putting in some community-requested characters.”

Another joked: “Why do I feel like Walter gonna be the Waluigi of MultiVersus.”

multiversus tweet
Tony Huynh sent out a cheeky retweet on Twitter and fan speculation has reached another level.

As many disgruntled Smash Ultimate players will be aware, Waluigi has been linked as a DLC fighter since what feels like the dawn of time, but was never added.

Whether or not Walter White will suffer the same fate remains to be seen, though there are clearly signs for fans to be optimistic about the possibility so far. At least developers are aware of the request and its popularity.