How to unlock Negro League cards in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty

David Purcell
mlb the show 23 negro league

MLB The Show 23 allows Diamond Dynasty players to unlock Negro League legend cards this year and here’s exactly how to do it – one of which is 95-rated.

The new Storylines mode in MLB The Show 23 takes players back in time, allowing you to play out the stories of famous African American baseball players from the Negro Leagues.

Storylines focuses on eight players, specifically, with varied notoriety – from legend to underappreciated stars of their time.

Here, we’re going to show you how to get those same players in Diamond Dynasty, in a cool crossover between the two modes.

How to get Negro League cards in MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty mode

To unlock the Negro League cards in MLB The Show, Diamond Dynasty, you need to play through the Storylines game mode and then they will be redeemed.

For each player’s Storyline that you complete, you will receive a 90-rated card in Diamond Dynasty. In addition to that, there is a bonus reward to pick up as well.

How to get Buck O’Neill 95-rated Captain card in Diamond Dynasty

By completing all eight Storylines in MLB The Show 23, you will be given a 95-rated Captain card for Hall of Famer Buck O’Neil.

MLB The Show 23: All Negro League cards and their positions

There are eight key players you can unlock in Diamond Dynasty, after playing Storylines, and the good thing about them is that they can often play in various positions.

Below, you can see all of the Negro League players and the positions they can take up:

  • Martín Dihigo: SP/C/1B/2B/3B/SS/LF/CF/RF
  • John Donaldson: SP/1B/LF/CF/RF
  • Rube Foster: SP/1B
  • Buck O’Neil: 1B/LF/RF
  • Satchel Paige: SP
  • Jackie Robinson: 2B/SS
  • Hilton Smith: SP/LF/RF
  • Hank Thompson: RF/2B/3B/SS/LF/CF

As you look to flesh out your Diamond Dynasty team, these versatile cards will prove very useful – as and when you unlock them – so good luck!

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