Trovo X Mad Zoo’s Race N’ Rave Minecraft event: How to join

Alan Bernal

In partnership with Trovo

Trovo and Mad Zoo Events is putting together another Race N’ Rave event in Minecraft on November 6, that will combine a virtual music festival with exclusive performances and a tournament with MSI gear on the line.

Trovo Live and MSI Gaming will sponsor the formula-style race that will take place in a custom map made by Lothiredon. The event will offer an immersive experience in Minecraft with a Mediterranean backdrop for exclusive artist performances.

A ton of DJs will also be in attendance to keep the festivities going throughout the event.

Race N’ Rave Minecraft dates

The Race N’ Rave will begin on November 6, with multiple ticket options available for sale.

There’s a complete lineup set for the event you can check out below.

What to expect at the Minecraft Race N’ Rave

race n rave minecraft map

Participants can expect to see an entire coastal map that will feature a track in the center of the cityscape. There will be tickets for general admission to the event as well as an option to access the campsite where people can play and build together.

Racers will have the chance to win an MSI product from those that will be available throughout the event.

The event organizers will also be tuning the map while the event is live to give players a more immersive atmosphere.

Race N’ Rave Minecraft – artist lineup

The ‘Rave’ part of the event will kick off with five artists locked in for the day. While players are exploring the custom map, various musicians will be heard during the tournament.

Race N’ Rave lineup

  • Mat Zo
  • Posij
  • Rohaan
  • Gyrofield
  • Counsel Pop

Race N’ Rave tickets and how to join

The Race N’ Rave will take place on a custom multiplayer server. People will have to purchase a ticket for admission that will grant them access to the Minecraft experience.

Race N’ Rave tickets:

General Admission: $12 / ~ 8.70 £ / ~ 10.30 €
*VIP Admission: $15 / ~ 10.90 £ / ~ 12.90 €
*Campsite Access: $4 / ~ 2.50 £ / ~ 3.00 €
64 Petro refill: $2 / ~ 1.50 £ / ~ 1.70 €

Once you have a ticket to get in, there are a few steps to follow to make sure you connect with the Race N’ Rave server.

How to join Race N’ Rave server:

  1. Download Minecraft Java Edition
  2. In Minecraft Java Edition, click multiplayer, add the multiplayer server:
  3. Purchase the event ticket. Type in your Minecraft name when checkout. Alternatively, you can subscribe as a Patreon supporter to gain VIP
  4. Download Discord
  5. Join the Mad Zoo Events Discord server to ask any event-specific support or technical questions before the event kicks off

There’s going to be plenty of chances to win prizes during the Race N’ Rave on November 6 and an entire map to kick back to the tunes of the event’s lineup.

And even if you’re not getting involved, check out streams on Trovo Live to keep up with the action.

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