Minecraft update causes game freezing issues on Switch

Brianna Reeves
Minecraft freezing switch

Minecraft players on Nintendo Switch have encountered freezing issues after the recent rollout of the game’s 1.19.70 update.

Developer Mojang Studios deployed Minecraft version 1.19.70 earlier this week, introducing a host of experimental features slated to launch alongside update 1.20.

Such features include the Torchflower seed, Sniffer mob, craftable Brush item, and Decorated Pots. The update added several fixes across platforms, too.

In particular, 1.19.70 addresses crashing troubles that impacted Switch users trying to log in while set to local network mode. But reports from players indicate the update opened a gateway to another game-breaking bug on the Nintendo platform.

Minecraft users on Switch report freezing glitch after new update

Reddit user MrLuckyTimeOW recently reported an issue wherein their Minecraft game on Switch wouldn’t load past 66 percent. Other Redditors have faced the exact same freezing glitch following the rollout of version 1.19.70 a few days ago.

At the time of writing, developer Mojang Studios has yet to address the matter, so there’s currently no word on whether or not an official fix is in the works. But players seem to have found a temporary solution that allows Minecraft on Switch to boot up as intended.

Temporary workaround for Switch’s Minecraft freezing bug

In response to the above Reddit post, user CoconutGator shared a fix that worked for them. It involves the following steps: Close the game. Put the console in airplane mode. Restart the Switch, then boot up Minecraft while still in airplane mode.

The original poster claimed this method “actually worked” in their favor. However, the success rate of the airplane mode practice is not yet known.

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