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How to defeat the Warden in Minecraft 1.19 update

Published: 7/Jun/2022 23:13

by Josh Tyler


Another big bad boss has been added in the Minecraft 1.19 update. While the Warden is difficult to beat, we’re going to show you the best ways to take it down – and whether it’s even worth it.

Of all the features added in the Minecraft 1.19 update, the Warden has become one of the most controversial within the community.

As the first boss to be added to the game since the Wither (unless you’re counting the Ravager or Elder Guardian), players were expecting the Warden to provide a new challenge and rewards for defeating it.

But this new boss is far more difficult to defeat than any hostile mob Minecraft has created.


How strong is Minecraft’s Warden?

Minecraft warden's face Minecraft warden’s face may scare you away.

Warden Minecraft health and damage stats

The Warden is both the strongest and tankiest enemy you will face in Minecraft.

To start, the Warden has 84 points of health, a whopping 42 hearts compared to the player’s paltry 10 hearts (or 20 points of health). This means the boss is not only far more tanky than you, but it is the second-tankiest mob in the game (the ravager has 100 points of health).

However, while the ravager can only do 18 points of damage per hit maximum, the Warden can inflict up to 31 points of damage in a single blow. Not only will that damage kill a player in a single hit if they do not have any armor, but if a player is fully kitted out with Netherite armor, they can still take down the player in two hits.


How to defeat the Warden

With such incredible strength and durability, how do you beat the Warden? Well (to borrow a meme), that’s the neat part – you don’t.

Most who have encountered the boss recommend that, instead of risking your life fighting the boss, you should just sneak around it instead.

The Warden is a blind mob, but it can sense vibrations. This means that players can sneak around it by crouching and moving slowly. They can also use projectiles like snowballs to distract the boss, luring it into a trap or sending it away from the player.

How to kill the Warden

If a player is forced to do battle with a Warden, is there any hope for victory? The chances are slim, but felling the warden is possible.


If you are able to get away by distracting it, it is possible to set up a trap using TNT or the exploding end crystals that could kill the Warden. However, be warned. It will take the destructive power of at least 8-9 end crystals (or about 12-14 TNTs) to kill this mob.

Is it worth killing?

Minecraft warden Minecraft’s Warden is a tricky one to take down.

While the challenge of the Warden is certainly worth the build-up, players have been disappointed in the rewards it yields. Killing it gives a measly three orbs of experience, no unique drops, and no achievement for players to show off.

This is why Mojang has consistently stated that the Warden should be viewed as an obstacle to be avoided, not conquered.


While there are sure to be many players and content creators who will devise ways to kill it, most players are best served sneaking past the warden if they want to want to explore the ancient city.