Minecraft devs reveal there are “mysteries” to discover in 1.19 update

. 3 weeks ago
Minecraft warden and player in an ancient city

Many new features are coming in the Minecraft 1.19 update, the devs have teased some mysteries players can uncover in the update.

The Minecraft 1.19 update is live, bringing with it brand new biomes to explore, bosses to face, and items to use in your builds. But, the developers say that there is more to be uncovered in this new update.

After being split from the Caves & Cliffs update, Minecraft has finally released the second half of its massive update to world generation in the Wild update. This includes the addition of the mangrove swamps, deep dark, and ancient city, which contains new, unique loot.

While Minecraft players can certainly explore these features in the update, there may be more mysteries that the 1.19 update has not yet revealed.

Minecraft devs tease “mysteries” in 1.19 update

In an interview with Eurogamer, game director Agnes Larsson and gameplay developer Ulraf Vakninthe teased these mysteries.

When discussing the ancient cities that will be found in the new deep dark biome, the pair said that “We hope players will have lots of thoughts – what was this for? What did this used to be? It’s good that you ask these questions.”

They went on to say that the ancient cities contain clues as to the nature of the civilization that might have built the city and the origins of the new mob, the allay.

Minecraft players in front of an ancient city.

The mysteries alluded to are clearly more related to the lore of Minecraft rather than unannounced loot, but players will undoubtedly begin theorizing about future updates based on their discoveries.

The developers did confirm that these mysteries are related to the long-teased archeology feature, which is still in development for a future Minecraft update.

Even though archeology was teased to release with the Caves & Cliffs update, it actually works out better that it will be released after the ancient cities are revealed. Rather than rolling these mysteries out all at once, players will get to form theories about Minecraft’s ancient civilizations before they’re able to dig up the answers.

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