Marvel Snap players desperate for Galactus meta nerf: “It’s boring and repetitive”

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A new season of Marvel Snap has launched and while players have new goodies to acquire and challenges to work towards, users are becoming more frustrated by the constant use of Galactus.

Marvel Snap is a free-to-play mobile card-collecting game that continues to do well. Along with having a stellar portfolio of movies, Marvel also has a successful mobile title. The game’s momentum continues with the launch of the new Guardians Greatest Hits season in May 2023.

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There are new cards and fresh locations, but a recurring problem still lingers – Galactus. The almighty figure appears with great regularity in higher-tier games of Marvel Snap, and players are reaching a breaking point with the card.

Galactus nerf needed in Marvel Snap?

In the Marvel universe, Galactus is quite literally one of the most powerful beings in existence. Known as the Devourer of Worlds, the dominant deity chows down on planets and spreads fear across the universe.

So it may seem only fitting that Galactus is represented as such in Marvel Snap. Currently, the card costs 6 energy to use, but only outputs 2 base points. However, the power exchange is overlooked as if Galactus is your only card in a location, then the other two locations are automatically destroyed.

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As a Pool 5 card, he will only be used by players much further into the game. On the other hand, once he is unlocked, he seems to appear in a lot of games.

“Facing a Galactus Deck for the million[th] time this season,” said dddrewsky – a UX Designer & Marvel Snap Streamer – in a popular Reddit post.

Even though this is likely hyperbole, the streamer said: “This season has been rough for me. I’ve faced against these decks almost 70% of my ranked ladder. I get that it’s counterable but I don’t think it’s fair. It’s an easy 1-2 cubes, for the opponent, when you don’t have the cards to counter them. What’s your experience with Galactus decks this season? Do you think he’ll eventually get nerfed?”

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One user replied: “I faced too many galactus decks between rank 90-100. I am okay with him, but turn 4 Galactus and turn 5 Spiderman? Leaving one location and locking me out… That is just rude, and I sometimes feel like it’s pre-nerf Zabu’s Spidey and Absorbing Man again.”

Another player also thinks that Galactus does indeed need a nerf: “This is call meta warping and it’s why Galactus does need a nerf. We all know the counters to him, we’re just tired of having to stuff a deck with them.”

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With the new season underway and the devs making changes weekly, could Galactus be next? Is the supervillain going to be nerfed in an upcoming update? We’ll have to wait and see.

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