How to access your Marvel Snap battle recap

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If you want to take a peek at which decks were successful for you during the last season of Marvel Snap, check out the monthly battle recap!

As the calendar page turns to a new month, that also means a new theme is coming for Marvel Snap players. The next monthly update brings with it new cards, locations, and opportunities for players to hit a goal rank.

Part of getting to a higher finishing rank requires players to re-evaluate their performance over the past season, to see which decks have been successful and which have not.

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To that end, the Marvel Snap battle recap is an invaluable tool that will let you understand which of your strategies and decks have helped and which ones you should take back to the drawing board. Here’s everything you need to know about the battle recap.

Marvel Snap Battle RecapMarvel Snap

What is the Marvel Snap battle recap?

The Marvel Snap battle recap provides players with information about their play and progress during the previous season.

The recap will show off which cards they’ve played the most, which ones have netted them the most cubes, which locations they’ve seen and won at the most, and plenty of other helpful information.

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As of now, the official battle recap does not contain any searchable data or information about how specific decks or cards have performed.

How do you access your battle recap?

You can access your battle recap either through the Marvel Snap app, or via the official website. To access it through the Marvel Snap app, simply find the message in your inbox that is titled “Monthly Stats Recap!”

Players will need to login via their Apple or Google accounts, whichever they have used to safeguard their Marvel Snap profile. Once they have logged in, they can find all their stats from the previous season to peruse.

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