MTG’s new mama bear Commander swaps mystery for murder

Jack Bye
MTG mother bear and cubs

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor’s other Commander creatures can bear-ly hold a candle to this excellent new option for Naya players.

Duskana, the Rage Mother is a new Naya (red/green/white) Legendary Creature debuting in the MTG Murders at Karlov Manor Deadly Disguise Commander deck.

Bears and crafty disguises may not seem like a natural synergy at first, but you’ll soon come to realise why Duskana, the Rage Mother is one of the best Commanders in the whole of Murders at Karlov Manor.

Duskana boosts bears as an incredible new MTG Commander

MTG Duskana Bear Commander

While many Disguise strategies in Murders at Karlov Manor revolve around cheating out high-cost creatures, Duskana increases the benefits of keeping your cards face-down. While disguised, your face-down creatures are 2/2s with Ward 2.

Bears have historically been 2/2 Creatures in Commander, and as such, Duskana’s blanket buffs affect both bear creatures and face-down cards across your field. In boosting all your 2/2 creatures by a whopping +3/+3, suddenly a host of weak creatures becomes a rampaging horde that is difficult for all but the most ironclad boards to block.

Adding to her utility, Duskana draws you a potentially heaping handful of cards when she ETBs (enters the battlefield), giving you many new options to work with. Duskana may only be the Deadly Disguise deck’s alt Commander, but we’d bet on this bear rising quickly in the overall Commander rankings.

Aside from simply boosting bears – which she does a fantastic job of – Duskana is an excellent and outside-the-box design that envigorates Disguise, Manifest, and Morph. Almost any of Magic’s rare face-down strategies benefit from this unstoppable ursine, making her one of Murders at Karlov Manor’s most unique and powerful Commander options.

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