Protect your MTG cards with these Ultra Pro Black Friday deals

Jack Bye
MTG Ultra Pro products on Black Firday background

From deck boxes to sleeves and binders, we’ve put together a selection of the best Ultra Pro accessories for MTG.

Ultra Pro is widely renowned as one of the best suppliers of official TCG accessories out there. From deck sleeves to card binders and playmats, Ultra Pro can help keep your card collection safe and clean. Really, what’s the point in spending all that money on cards if you aren’t going to take adequate steps to keep them in top condition?

Ultra Pro has deals on a wide array of MTG accessories for Black Friday. We’ve collected a selection of the best to help improve your MTG experience.

Mythic Edition 12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binder

MTG Ultra Pro card binder

Many of your best and rarest MTG cards will likely go right into your decks as soon as you pull them. But when you’re invested in MTG, or any trading card hobby for that matter, soon enough you’re going to need to decide how to store the remainder of your cards.

Regular boxes are probably fine for the majority of your cards, but in separating the rares from the chaff, it can be useful to invest in a card binder.

The Mythic Edition 12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binder offers a huge amount of space for displaying and keeping your rarest MTG cards safe, whether you collect and keep them or display them for trade.

Theros Beyond Death Erebos card sleeves

MTG Ultra Pro card sleeves

Ultra Pro sleeves offer high-quality protection, being easy to shuffle while also looking stylish and preventing your cards from getting smudged, torn, and creased.

The Theros Beyond Death Erebos card sleeves are a standout among Ultra Pro’s collection, featuring the Theros god in an incredible constellation design.

Mythic Edition Alcove Tower Deck Box

MTG Ultra Pro deck box

Every MTG player will quickly learn the value of deck boxes. Having access to card storage that allows you to easily travel with your decks and bring them out for a game is a must.

The Mythic Edition Alcove Tower Deck Box is one of the best MTG deck boxes around. With a simple, elegant design and the capacity to hold up to 100 MTG cards and added accessories like dice and life counters, this is a worthy investment for your most cherished decks.

Commander Masters Pop Collage Playmat

MTG Ultra Pro binder and mat

Even with the best card sleeves in the world, eventually, your cards can accumulate dirt and debris if played on regular surfaces. That’s where a good playmat comes in. Easy to carry and break out at a moment’s notice, playmats can keep your cards in top condition through years of play.

The Commander Masters Pop Collage Playmat features some of MTG’s most iconic creatures, rendered in the Commander Masters portrait style. These alt-art creatures have quickly become fan favorites, and you can display them all on your playmat with pride.

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