MTG Players shocked to discover hidden puzzle in new land cards

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MTG Karlov Manor proft puzzle

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor is weaving intricate puzzles for players to solve, and one such puzzle has been discovered hiding in plain sight.

MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor set was always expected to play host to fiendish puzzles and problems. But now that spoilers for the set have begun to arrive, players are realising just how intricate this set’s brain-teasers are going to be.

An ARG has been discovered hiding among the cards of Murders at Karlov Manor, and MTG players are beginning to peel back its first layers.

Murders at Karlov Manor’s hidden code

MTG Karlov Manor land puzzle

Among the initial batch of Murders at Karlov Manor spoilers is a set of borderless dual lands, gorgeous depictions of various parts of Ravnica, cordoned off as crime scenes.

It didn’t take long for the eagle-eyed sleuths in the MTG community to realize that there was something fishy about these new borderless lands. MTG’s Master detective Alquist Proft himself would be proud.

Less than 24 hours following the lands’ debut, a Reddit post by qwertycat2990 appeared, showing that the cards displayed a code when arrayed in the right order. The code reads ‘RNA32X5+4.’

As pointed out by Reddit commenter BACEXXXXXX:

’32×5+4 is 164

RNA is the set code for Ravnica Allegiance

Card 164 in RNA is [[Cult Guildmage]]


MTG Cult guildmage

Interestingly enough, Cult Guildmage depicts a Rakdos puppeteer and a puppet of Planeswalker Jace Beleren. Jace has been absent since undergoing Compleation during the Phyrexian invasion, but this puzzle may hint that the mind-mage has more to do with Murders at Karlov Manor, or MTG’s current arc, than was first assumed.

While the MTG fanbase has yet to discover the meaning of this confounding puzzle for certain, it’s only a matter of time before these inquisitive minds crack the case.

Murders at Karlov Manor’s spoiler season is already whetting players’ appetites for puzzles and deduction. If the rest of the set and its mysteries are anything like those teased so far, Murders at Karlov Manor will be a unique, standout set. The set launches on February 9.

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