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EA is gearing up for players to hit the gridiron once again in Madden 22, and this year’s football game is looking to add revolutionary features to the game to solidify it as the premier sports game.

EA has been putting out their NFL simulation series for what feels like an eternity, and once again they are preparing to release another annual version of Madden with the NFL season kicking off in the next few months.

While this is a lot of anticipation surrounding Madden 22, EA has been slowly but surely releasing information about a flurry of features coming to this year’s title.

Here’s everything we know about Madden 22!

EA has already announced plenty of features coming to Madden 22!

Release date and cover athletes

Madden typically releases an annual title around a month before the NFL has its opening kick-off, and this year’s no exception.

Madden 22 will be releasing worldwide on August 20, 2021, however, pre-ordering the more expensive editions will net you three days earlier access than other players. So, something a die-hard Madden fan may want to consider.

Gracing the cover of this year’s games are two of the most polarizing figures within the NFL. Both Patrick Mahomes of the Kanas City Chiefs and Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be linking up for a wicked cover. Hopefully the “Madden Curse” doesn’t strike twice this year!

Franchise mode

Justin Fields
Justin Fields has been scanned in for Madden 22!

The simulation game mode within Madden has always been a big hitter within the series, and fortunately, EA has announced a massive overhaul coming this year.

In the lead up to the game’s release on the 16 of August, devs have been doing weekly deep-dives into all of the game modes, and Franchise got its time in the spotlight on June 25.

Here are some of the key changes coming to this year’s Madden in regards to Franchise mode, according to devs:

  • Franchise Staff
    • Franchise Staff is a brand new way to manage your Franchise. We have expanded the coaching roster to include an offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and added a player personnel department that serves as your primary player acquisition character
  • Talent Trees
    • Talent Trees replace our old coach upgrade system by giving gamers tree structures with various boosts for each character. At launch, each of the four characters will have two sub-trees associated with them. Each tree is themed to that character, as well as the role that character has in the organization.
  • Weekly Strategy
    • The first thing you will see when you go into Weekly Strategy is your Defensive Gameplan for the current week. The Defensive Gameplan will show important information about your upcoming opponent’s offense including their team stats and where they rank, their overall run-pass ratio, and the recommended Defensive Gameplan Focus for the week. 
    • Each focus will have a Top Threat player with some specific Next Gen Stats and ranks associated with him.
    • The Offensive Gameplan would be very similar to the Defensive Gameplan in how it looks and how it is set up. However, instead of looking for a way to slow down an opponent’s strength as you did for your Defensive Gameplan
  • Season Engine & More!
    • Madden NFL 22 will feature over 30 brand-new scenarios taking place at any point in the season – whether it be the preseason, regular season, playoffs, or Super Bowl. Each scenario has context-based trigger conditions meaning that what happens in your Franchise is going to dictate when scenarios happen and what kind of scenarios you experience.
Madden 22 preorder bonuses
Players will be granted three days early access for the higher editions!

Home Field Advantage M-Factors

This is a brand new feature coming in this year’s Madden, as it will replicate how player-specific X-Factors are within the game. Basically, each venue will have a factor that will affect the home or away team, and some of them are vastly more drastic than others.

EA has revealed all of the Field Advantages already, and we’ve listed all of them down below:

Team Home Field Advantage M-Factors
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fire The Cannons: Home team players have their fatigue temporarily replenished while in the red zone
New Orleans Saints Who Dat: On away team 3rd/4th down conversion attempts, a random receiver will have an incorrect route when he lines up in pre-play
Atlanta Falcons  Keep Pounding: The home team has more stamina during plays
Carolina Panthers Rise Up: The home team gains a flat amount of momentum on every offensive play.
Dallas Cowboys Deflected: Away team punt distance is shortened when kicking across the 50-yard line.
Philadelphia Eagles Linc’d In: While winning, the home team gains more momentum and the away team gains less.
New York Giants Turf War: Away team players fatigue faster
Washington Football Team Unstable Ground: Away team has an increasingly hard time changing directions
Green Bay Packers Go Pack Go! The Frozen Tundra: Home team gains more momentum and away team gains less. Away team fatigues faster and has a harder time changing direction.
Minnesota Vikings Skol!: The home team gains a small amount of speed rating when in the red zone.
Chicago Bears Motor City: Home team accelerates slightly faster.
Detroit Lions Bear Down: The away team’s kick meter moves slightly faster.
Arizona Cardinals Rise Up Red Sea: Home team gains momentum faster.
LA Rams Rams House: Home team gains bonus momentum for defensive stops.
San Fransico 49ers Unstable Ground: Away team has an increasingly hard time changing directions.
Seattle Seahawks  The 12’s: Random portions of the play art for the away team offense will be squiggly and hard to read.
Kanas City Chiefs Home of the Chiefs: Offensive audibles made by the away team have a chance to fail.
LA Chargers Bolt Up: Home team gains bonus momentum for yardage gains.
Las Vegas Raiders Just Win, Baby!: Home team gains momentum faster and has increased fatigue recovery while winning.
Denver Broncos Mile High: Away team players have less stamina during plays.
Cleveland Browns Dawg Pound: Away team hot routes have a chance to fail in the red zone, requiring them to be made again. Receivers who are hot routed will temporarily receive a “?” indicator bubble at the time of the hot route to signify they may be unsure of their route.
Baltimore Ravens Truzz The System: Home team gains momentum on every running play while winning.
Pittsburgh Steelers Terribly Distracting: Away team hot routes have a chance to fail on 3rd/4th down, requiring them to be made again. Receivers who are hot routed will temporarily receive a “?” indicator bubble at the time of the hot route to signify they may be unsure of their route.
Cincinnati Bengals Who Dey: No huddle results in reduced clock runoff.
Buffalo Bills Downwind: The away team kicking arc is harder to control.
Miami Dolphins Made in the Shade: The home team fatigues slower.
New York Jets Turf War: Away team players fatigue faster.
New England Patriots Our House: Home team gains bonus momentum on touchdowns and third-down stops
Jacksonville Jaguars Duuuval: Home team gains bonus momentum on touchdowns.
Indianapolis Colts Hat Count: The home team defense can see the hat count on plays via coach cam.
Houston Texans The Bullpen: Away team gains less momentum for touchdowns
Tennessee Titans Titan Up: Home team will avoid committing holding penalties.

Face of the Franchise

Madden’s career mode has seen some exponential changes in recent years, and once again, EA is implementing a flurry of additions for this year’s entry. In a special showcase on July 7, they talked about an ample amount of features that are going to be present for the very first time this year.

One of the new changes comes in the form of “Road to the Draft”, and EA has noted that you’ll be a “generational prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft. The career mode begins with the chance to train with, and compete against, some of the best players in the NFL at Nike Headquarters. Along the way, you are given the opportunity to improve your draft stock via the College Football Playoff, NFL team interviews, and private workouts with select teams.”

EA will attempt to give players a closer look at the lifestyle many of the top picks in the NFL Draft go through when they are in College leading up to the professional level. But this isn’t all they are adding to Face of the Franchise mode, as a new “Class Progression System” will also be in play.

Class Progression System
A closer look at the new Class Progression System coming in Madden 22!

EA has stated the following in regards to the new system, “Each Class features three Superstar Abilities and one X-Factor ability for you to unlock as you level up in that Class. These abilities play into how you perform on the field and can even be customized to your specific playstyle and needs.”

The final addition is Class Rewards, where players will be able to gain “X-Factor and Superstar Abilities, leveling up Classes not only earns you Skill Points to boost your OVR and skill ratings, but you can earn CRED, REP, and exclusive Gear for the Yard to make your Avatar shine brighter.”

The Yard

EA’s recreational game mode is back again, and players will be able to duke it out against each other with the new additions coming to The Yard. EA has noted that this year they’ll be adding “new challenge-based Solo or Co-Op campaign. You can now visit new fields located across the world, battle boss characters with unmatched NFL talents, and unlock gear for your avatar”

the yard
The Yard has been one of the best additions to Madden in recent years!

As well, The Yard is adding a flurry of new content to the accompanying campaign mode and this year they’ll be breaking it up into four separate chapters. Throughout the campaign, you’ll need to defeat certain bosses, which’ll unlock new venues for your player to play in.

Superstar KO

The beloved game mode is making an appearance again in Madden 22, and EA is touting multiple additions to this year’s iteration of Superstar KO. They note that they’ll be adding “authentic NFL teams” for you to go up against!

EA Play Live 2021

Along with the weekly deep-dives, EA will be showcasing Madden during the EA Play Live Spotlight series on July 19, 2021. According to EA, this event is going will focus on a variety of different aspects of the new game.

These include how fans impacted the development of Franchise Mode and helped bring to life highly requested features like Staff Management, weekly game strategy and a new scenario engine. Plus, we’ll see the first ever reveal of the brand new scouting feature coming to Madden NFL 22.

Madden 22 editions

madden 22 editions
Some editions will get you early access to the game, but EA Play members get a week early access!

No EA sports game is complete without multiple editions for players to choose from, and Madden is no exception. As, they have announced a flurry of editions for players to choose from, and so far we have the following, and some will offer unique bonuses.

  • Standard Edition
    • 20 Staff Points
    • The General Player Class (Starting at Level 10)
    • Tom Brady Gear Capsule
    • Choice of 1 out of 32 NFL Stars
  • MVP Edition
    • 3-Day Early Access (August 17, 2021)
    • Dual Entitlement
    • 60 Staff Points
    • The General Player Class (Starting at Level 10)
    • Tom Brady Gear Capsule
    • Choice of 1 out of 32 NFL Stars
    • Elite Item (Choice of Brady or Mahomes)
    • Exclusive Challenges (During Early Access window)
    • 11 Team Fantasy Packs
  • Dynasty Edition – Digital
    • 3-Day Early Access (August 17, 2021)
    • Dual Entitlement
    • 100 Franchise Staff Points
    • The General Player Class (Starting at Level 10)
    • Tom Brady Gear Capsule
    • Legend Athlete Capsule (Straight Cash Homie: Randy Moss)
    • Choice of 1 out of 32 NFL Stars
    • Elite Item (Choice of Brady or Mahomes)
    • Exclusive Challenges (During Early Access window)
    • 22 Team Fantasy Packs
    • Curated Legends Pack
      • Choice of Brady or Mahomes
      • 2 Legends: Offense & Defense (Elite)

Difficult choices will have to be made for sure, but the higher editions might be of more interest for those who play a lot of Madden Ultimate Team.

This is all we know regarding Madden 22 right now, but we will be sure to update this page as more news flows in. Be sure to let us know if you are amped for this year’s Madden!

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