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NBA 2K22 leaks: Cover athletes, editions, more

Published: 25/Jul/2021 16:05 Updated: 25/Jul/2021 16:58

by Nick Farrell


2K Games will be rolling out the red carpet shortly for the big reveal of NBA 2K22. The premier basketball game will once again feature some next-gen features, but we do have some information already about the new game.

Sports sports games are some of the highest-selling titles each year, as there’s no better feeling than taking the pitch in FIFA as your favorite team. Or, dominating the court in NBA 2K with your created player.

The anticipation surrounding NBA 2K22 has been slowly building, as 2K Games have yet to reveal any information around the game, but it’s creeping up to that time of the year where we should see new information soon.


Speaking of news, we’ve seen a few leaks regarding NBA 2K22, and we’ll be going over everything we’ve seen thus far right here.

NBA 2K21
2K Games
NBA 2K21 was a much-needed improvement on NBA 2K20, but fans are eager for more!

Cover stars

This is always a hot topic for any sports games, and 2K is no exception to this; as dawning the cover of NBA 2K is one of the most prestigious titles a player can earn. Every year, 2K Games typically has multiple cover stars, which all vary depending on the edition of the game you purchase.

NBA 2K has now confirmed that there’ll be three covers for players to choose from when purchasing this year’s game, and they’re all exclusive to certain retailers or editions.


First, we have the standard cover for NBA 2K22, which features Dallas Mavericks wonderkid, Luka Doncic who has been touted as the future face of the NBA.

2k’S 75th-anniversary edition will be graced by Kevin Durrant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, and it pays homage to the stars of today, and those of the past.

Last but not least, the first WNBA player will be the cover athlete of the Gamestop exclusive edition, and this title belongs to Candace Parker.

Release date

2k durant
2K Games
Kevin Durant has already been the cover star twice, in NBA 2K13 and NBA 2K15!

The release date has been confirmed to be September 10, 2021 as this was listed on the pre-order pages for NBA 2K22, once they announced the cover stars.


This is around the time the game typically releases every year, as it’s just in time for the new NBA season.

MyCareer mode to have a Hip-Hop career

NBA 2K22 First Look Dirk Nowtizki
2K Games
Dirk Nowitzki will be one of the featured athletes on the 75th-anniversary edition!

With The City being completely revamped in 2K22, they’re also adding new career options for players to adopt while playing through their career mode. Players will be able to partake in side ventures throughout The City, as 2K Games are aiming to make career mode more interactive this year.

Becoming a Hip-Hop artist is just one of the jobs players will be able to opt in to, and we are fascinated to learn what else we’ll be able to choose from.


Leaks, and rumors

The premier game mode for NBA 2K has without a doubt been MyCareer over recent years, as they have tweaked the player customization options multiple times, and the new pie charts have resonated with fans.

This will be the big selling point for this year’s game once again, as we hope 2K Games are going to fine-tune this game mode even more. But, we’ll have to wait and see what news comes out regarding MyCareer soon.