Save up to 38% off LEGO Mario sets at Amazon

Ash Singh

You can now save up to 38% on LEGO sets of Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach to build physical Nintendo-inspired brick challenges.

LEGO lets Nintendo fans bring beloved Super Mario games to real-life brick form with 3 discounted starter sets featuring interactive minifigures for solo or group play.

Each contains buildable course pieces, allowing you to guide the poseable Mario, Luigi, or Peach minifigures through challenges inspired by video game moments. For a limited time, Amazon is offering these at discounted prices.

The Adventures with Peach set, now 25% cheaper, lets you control the princess across familiar obstacles modeled after the Mushroom Kingdom using clever built-in sensor technology. Help lead her figure over pipe structures to play on the swing ride or interact with sidekick Yellow Toad.

You can make the toy Peach happy by pretending to feed her the included red berry element to score bonus digital coins, which display instantly on her belly screen accompanied by sounds straight from the classic Super Mario Bros. series.

Or choose everyone’s favorite Mario himself, now 38% off, to run, leap, and pose through the brightly colored course, collecting virtual coins by hitting action brick targets along the path just like the beloved side-scrolling platform games.

Touching each of the seven interactive bricks makes Lego Mario react with cheeky facial expressions in his eyes and mouth display.

Lastly, you can guide the popular Luigi figure through built brick seesaw rides, flying tests, and avoiding enemy challenges. Make Lego Luigi jump in surprise when facing Brick Goomba and Boom Boom. The set is currently 22% off its regular price at Amazon.

Save big on LEGO Mario sets

LEGO Mario sets

All three courses can be easily combined with other LEGO Mario sold separately, with expansions for unlimited interactive Nintendo adventures.

With special deals on Mario, Luigi, or Peach LEGO sets it is a great time to bring them home. Construct your own challenging yet engaging courses and then guide these fan-favorite characters for fun adventures.

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