Walmart snips the prices of LEGO flowers & plants

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Three of the botanical-inspired LEGO Icons sets that are on discount at Walmart on a black background with floral graphics

Want to give your home a pop of color? Well, Walmart is offering savings on LEGO Icons flowers and plants sets. We have rounded up each of them.

LEGO-reimagined flowers and plants have become increasingly popular. Whether you have green fingers or not, each of these sets will add a touch of vibrance to your home or office during the winter. 

Each of these LEGO Icons sets makes for a great decoration piece. They also offer an immersive building experience, which you can share with fellow florists in your life. They would have to be aged 18 and up, however. 

In addition, with these brick-built, botanical-inspired kits not needing water, you never have to through them out. Yup, they won’t wilt or die. Instead, they will bloom forever. You might have to dust them ever so often, though.

Walmart has cut the prices of several of these LEGO Icon sets. We have rounded up all of them. 

1. LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet — 10280

LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet displayed in a vase.

Fancy yourself a florist or decorator? Well, this LEGO Icons set is a must-have. The LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet is undoubtedly one of the best LEGO flowers sets for adults.

This LEGO Icons set features a host of flowers, each created from more than 17 unusual LEGO elements. But can you spot them? 

This kit will make for a beautiful display piece, no matter where in your home you decide to display it. Of course, it will also add a pop of color to your working environment. It is an eye-catching arrangement. 

A vase isn’t included, though. However, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, this only allows you to pick the vase in which you think your LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet will look best.

The set features an array of flowers, including daisies, roses, snapdragons, poppies, and asters. Each flower is finished in a vibrant hue. Grasses are also present. 

In addition, the LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet contains 15 stems in a variety of heights. The tallest stem measures 14 inches. In addition, you can customize this brick-built bouquet to your own taste. 

Comprising of 756 pieces, this set is sure to provide an immersive building experience. Of course, you can always share the building fun with a loved one.

Walmart has reduced the price of this LEGO Icons kit by $12 to $47.99.

2. LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet — 10313

LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet displayed in a vase.

Tired of receiving or giving traditional flowers to your loved ones? Well, look no further. This bouquet is anything but traditional. Indeed, it not only takes inspiration from a variety of wildflowers, it blooms with bricks. In addition, thanks to its vibrant hues, the set looks absolutely stunning. 

This LEGO Icons set features a total of eight distinct species of wildflowers. Can you spot them? There are lavender, Gerbera daisies, cornflowers, Welsch poppies, cow parsley, Larkspur, lupins, and leatherleaf ferns. 

The 939-piece set also contains 16 adjustable stems. This allows you to create your own bespoke arrangement. The stems come in a variety of heights, with the tallest one measuring 18 inches. 

A vase is, however, not included. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, this allows you to display this bouquet in a real-life vase of your choice. We would argue the set will look even better when the latter is filled with some water. You know, to add some life to the brick-built bouquet. 

Walmart has dropped the price of these LEGO Icons by $12 to $47.99.

3. LEGO Icons Succulents — 10309

Two adults arranging the LEGO Icons Succulents set.

Thought real-life succulents are easy to maintain? Well, let us introduce to you the LEGO Icons Succulents. This botanical-inspired kit will last a lifetime (if you keep the kids away from it, that is). 

Comprising nine different succulent plants, each inspired by a real-life variety, this LEGO set will look great when the varieties are displayed as an arrangement or individually. You might even want to display them next to LEGO’s Tiny Plants kit. In addition, each succulent is “planted” in its own little pot. 

The LEGO Icons Succulents set comprises 771 pieces. The complete arrangement measures five inches tall, six-and-a-half inches wide, and six-and-a-half inches deep. 

Walmart is offering this set at $39.99, which, compared to its standard price, is a price cut of $10.

4. LEGO Icons Orchid — 10311

LEGO Icons Orchid displayed next to a framed painting of a flower.

This LEGO Icons kit allows you to recreate one of the most coveted ornamental plants in the world (in brick format, no less). The LEGO Icons Orchid looks exquisite. It will look beautiful displayed on its own, or next to the other flower-inspired LEGO sets featured here, including the LEGO Icons Bouquet of Roses and LEGO Creator Cherry Blossoms

This detailed set recreates the orchid to a T. It features white and pink flowers, five leaves at the base, and a duo of wandering air roots. But where to “plant” it? No worries. A vase is included with this kit. 

What’s more, the LEGO-reimagined orchid can be personalized and customized to allow you to create a unique look. You can rotate the blooms, leaves, stems, and blooms. 

The set comprises of 608 pieces. It measures 15 inches tall, 11.5 inches wide, and nine-and-a-half inches deep. 

Walmart has cut this kit’s price by $10 to $39.99.

5. LEGO Icons Bonsai Tree — 10281

The LEGO-reimagined Bonsai tree next to a real-life Bonsai.

Ever wanted to add more peace and harmony to your life? Well, why not buy a Bonsai tree? Peace and harmony is what it symbolizes, no less. 

However, life gets busy. There’s no doubt about that. So, if you’re concerned whether you’ll be able to get to and maintain your Bonsai tree (you know, to keep it alive), you might want to consider this — the LEGO Icons Bonsai Tree. Looks good, doesn’t it? 

What’s more, it doesn’t need watering. All the brick-built Bonsai tree needs is a few hours of your time. 

Building this LEGO Icons set is well worth every second. Comprising 878 pieces, the LEGO-reimagined Bonsai tree is sure to provide those aged 18 and up with a rewarding and relaxing building experience. 

When you’ve completed clicking together the bricks of this kit, it will make for a beautiful display piece, with which you can bring some peace and harmony to your home or office. The completed build measures seven inches tall, seven-and-a-half inches wide, and eight-and-a-half inches long. 

In addition, the LEGO Icons Bonsai Tree features a rectangular pot and buildable stand with a slatted wood design. There are also interchangeable pieces, allowing you to replace the green leaves with vibrant cherry blossoms. 

Walmart has cut the price of this botanical-inspired LEGO set by $10 to $39.99

Each set in the LEGO Botanical Collection is exquisite. They offer an immersive building experience, which can be shared with fellow LEGO builders and botanists aged 18 and up. 

In addition, they make for great gifts, whether you want to treat yourself or a loved one on a special occasion. But why wait for a special occasion? Walmart is offering these sets at a discount. So, if you ever wanted to spruce up your home with some LEGO-reimagined flowers and plants, now is the time. 

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