Legends of Runeterra Open Beta patch notes – ranked, Ezreal nerfs, more

Andrew Amos

Legends of Runeterra’s Open Beta is right around the corner, with a bunch of changes and quality of life additions being shipped for the game’s release to players globally on January 23 and 24.

Legends of Runeterra has progressed well past a shell of a game into a fully fleshed out version for its open beta. The Open Beta has opened the doors to anyone who was wanting to try out Riot’s new card game but missed getting an preview patch key.

With the new release, a bunch of balance changes, as well as several quality of life updates and new modes have been shipped.

Poro background for Legends of Runeterra
Get ready to jump into Legends of Runeterra’s Open Beta from January 23 and 24.

While Legends of Runeterra has been strictly casual games between Normal, Expeditions, and AI, players wanting to put sheep stations on the line can now do so, with the game’s first ranked season starting with the Open Beta patch.

Legends of Runeterra’s ranked system extends from Iron to Master, with four divisions in all tiers except Master. You gain LP for each win and lose some for every loss, but if you jump into a new tier, you will not be able to fall out of it for the remainder of the season.

You will also now be able to interact with your friends more easily, with a friends list being added. There’s also a challenge mode that allows you to play against people on your friends list in Legends of Runeterra.

Legends of Runeterra Ranked Tiers
Ranked has now been introduced to Legends of Runeterra, with the first ranked season starting on January 24.

Perhaps the biggest change of the patch is the profile reset and the in-game economy changes. Coin prices and purchasing power have all been updated to reflect new price point standards for mobile players. Some regions will see an increase in coin prices, while others will see a cut.

All coins purchased during the preview patches have been reset, and all content purchased with coins has been removed from player profiles. Players will be refunded their original coins, and should be able to spend it on the same things come Open Beta.

While all these changes have been shipped to create a level playing field from day one, preview patch players will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian for their efforts once the full version of the game ships later in 2020.

Anivia splash art in Legends of Runeterra
Anivia was the big winner of the Legends of Runeterra Open Beta patch.

In terms of balance changes, there were small tweaks to a number of cards, including a few champions. Anivia and Vladimir were buffed to be a bit more consistent across the board, while Ezreal and Tryndamere had their late-game potential nerfed so that they couldn’t overwhelm enemies.

Non-champion cards like Cloud Drinker, Avarosan Hearthguard, and the Rekindler, which dominated preview patch metas, have also been touched up. Overall, the Piltover and Zaun class has received a buff, especially in Expeditions, while Demacians received a nerf.

Legends of Runeterra’s Open Beta starts on January 23 for users who pre-registered before January 19, and January 24 for anyone else wanting in on the action. You can read the full patch notes here.

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