Worlds 2021 Final preview: DWG KIA vs EDward Gaming – By DJ Esports

dwg kia edg

DWG KIA is set to face off against EDward Gaming in the final round to decide the League of Legends Worlds 2021 champion. DK is looking to become back-to-back Worlds champions, as they are defending their 2020 title.

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So far, DK has scored a flawless victory in the group stage. In the knockout stage, they swept MAD 3:0 and defeated T1 3:2, and successfully advanced to the finals.

bo5 handicap

EDG’s journey to the finals has been a bit up-and-down. In the first round of the group stage, they went 3:0 but they only managed a 1:2 record in the second round. They finally finished second in the group.

Looking at the performance of DK in the S11 World Championships, they are easily the best team in the tournament. In the finals against EDG, they have a real shot at going 3:1 or 3:0, Taking DK to beat the 1.5 game handicap is a good call.

DK tends to have the more stable playstyle of the two teams. In the eight games of the knockout stage, DK only scored First Blood in three of them. After entering the knockout rounds, DK’s early offense has slowed down considerably compared to the group stage, and they may not be too aggressive in the early game.

first blood

In comparison, EDG will rely more on the early game to help them build a lead. EDG is more likely to take the lead in this game and get the First Blood. With odds of 2.054, we’re putting our money on EDG to get First Blood.

EDG pays more attention to securing the bot lane. Depending on how the Ban/Pick stage goes, EDG may very well have a better chance of getting the First Dragon of the game. At odds of 2.235, picking EDG for the First Dragon looks like a smart choice.

first dragon

EDG is a fast-paced offensive team. Their average time of 31m 49s per game is the fourth shortest among the top 16 teams in the S11 World Championships. According to the data of DJ Esports, in the past ten games, EDG has had seven games end in under 32 minutes. EDG tends to use the Dragons and the Baron to actively look for opportunities to start in the mid-term. Expect EDG to frequently look for opportunities to take the initiative in the mid-game and seize on these moments to steamroll into the late game. This is likely to be a short match, and taking the Under 34 minutes option is a safe bet.

duration minutes

The LCK summer champion and the LPL summer champion will meet on the final stage of the S11 World Championships. This is the first time since S4 that the LPL and LCK regions have met in the finals.

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