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League of Legends

Wild Rift Patch 1.0 notes: Open beta launch, Lee Sin release, more

Published: 23/Oct/2020 2:44

by Andrew Amos


Wild Rift’s first official patch has been released, and it’s a pretty big one. The League of Legends mobile clone is finally entering its regional open beta, with seven new champions on the way, and a host of balance changes.

Waiting to get your hands on Wild Rift? The regional open beta is just about to launch in selected regions, so you don’t have to wait much longer.

With the open beta comes the game’s first big update: Wild Rift Patch 1.0. The balance update includes seven new champions ⁠— six for testing, as well as Lee Sin’s permanent release ⁠— and buffs to certain items and mechanics.

Wild Rift Patch 1.0 marks regional open beta launch

Wild Rift is now open for everyone! Well, almost everyone. If you live in South-East Asia, you’re in luck: a dozen countries across the region will gain access to the game on October 27.

They are: Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, and Timor-Leste.

You won’t need to sign up for a closed beta; just hop onto the Google Play or Apple App Store, download Wild Rift, and log in.

Players in Europe and Oceania can expect to join in on the action in December. North American and South American players will be given access in 2021.

Lee Sin in League of Legends Wild Rift
Riot Games
Lee Sin is Wild Rift’s newest champion.

Lee Sin added, Tear of the Goddess buffs, more

The big talking point of Wild Rift Patch 1.0, in-game at least, is the addition of seven new champions. Fan-favorite flashy jungler Lee Sin has been ported over to the mobile game, so now you can try and pull off InSec’s in Wild Rift.

Six other champions are also arriving for a test run. Darius, Draven, Kai’Sa, Evelynn, Akali, and Seraphine will be open for all players to play free from Oct. 22. They’ll only be around for a week though before they get vaulted for a short time.

Balancing-wise, Riot have upped the power of Tear of the Goddess. With the shorter games compared to League of Legends on PC, the scaling potential of the Tear items doesn’t really get realized.

“Items that build from Tear of the Goddess are not seeing a lot of play, so we’re buffing them up to make them a more viable option,” they said.

All Tear of the Goddess items ⁠— Archangel’s Staff, Manamune, and Winter’s Approach ⁠— will now give more mana per stack. Manamune and Muramana will also give more bonus AD based on mana.

Lux, Jinx, Yasuo, Blitzcrank in League of Legends Wild Rift
Riot Games
If you haven’t yet, it’s time to jump into Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Patch 1.0 is live right now and available for download. You can find the full patch notes below.

Wild Rift Patch 1.0 notes

Regional Open Beta

The Regional Open Beta begins Oct 27 (PT)! All players from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand will have full access to Wild Rift on Android and iOS. We’d also like to welcome players from Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, and Timor-Leste! For more information, click here.

Temporary downtime

We will be temporarily suspending iOS testing and disabling new downloads of Wild Rift shortly. For more information, click here.

New champion: Lee Sin

Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, is jump kicking his way to Wild Rift! One of League’s most popular champs for nearly 10 years, he’s sure to add a new layer of depth and mastery to the jungle, offering unparalleled mobility, outplay potential, and tons of clips for the highlight reel.

Lee Sin will be available alongside Knockout Lee Sin and Muay Thai Lee Sin, so you can flex on your foes in style.

Champion previews

We’re rolling out a test phase for six new champs who will be fully released at a later date. We need your feedback and testing on these champs specifically, so they’ll be free to play between Oct 22 and Oct 27 (PT). Feel free to spam as many games as you can so we can crush those last few bugs:

  • Akali, the Rogue Assassin
  • Darius, the Hand of Noxus
  • Draven, the Glorious Executioner
  • Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace
  • Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void
  • Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress


Archangel’s Staff

  • Mana per stack: 12 → 15


  • Bonus AD: 1% → 2%
  • Mana per stack: 8 → 10


  • Bonus AD: 1% → 2%

Tear of the Goddess

  • Mana per stack: 6 → 8

Winter’s Approach

  • Mana per stack: 8 → 15

Game Systems

AFK Penalty

  • First AFK penalty (3-6 min): 30 min → 10 min
  • First AFK penalty (6+ min): 60 min → 20 min
  • Further AFK penalties within 7 days: 12 hours → 6 hours

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed an exploit with Guardian Angel allowing champs to be invincible
  • Fixed a crash on certain devices that caused crashes in the loading screen
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 gameplay revealed and it looks incredible

Published: 25/Nov/2020 12:02

by Kieran Bicknell


Despite suffering numerous long delays, fans are still hyped for CD Projekt Red’s dystopian Cyberpunk 2077. As the release date edges closer, we’ve had our first look at the game on PS5, as well as a comparison between PS4 Pro and PS5 graphics.

Cyberpunk 2077 is shaping up to be one of the most hotly-anticipated games of 2020. With its dystopian open-world setting, insane customization, and intriguing storyline, it looks set to become a truly epic title.

It’s not without its issues though, having suffered a number of consecutive delays, along with controversy over the dreaded ‘crunch’ for devs.

However, it seems that we may be on the ‘home stretch’ for the release of Cyberpunk 2077. Devs have now released the final teaser of gameplay footage, along with a first glimpse at the game running on the next-gen PS5.

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 footage
YouTube: Cyberpunk 2077
The rain effects and lighting in Cyberpunk 2077 take on a whole new depth on PS5.

Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 5

There’s no doubt that Cyberpunk is a fantastic looking game. With cutting-edge graphics, the visuals have stunned even the most doubtful of critics. So far, we’ve only seen the game on current-gen consoles, but CD Projekt Red has now revealed the first preview of the game running on the next-gen PlayStation 5.

Technically, the game is running via backward compatibility in the footage. However, the game will be available on PS5 at launch.

Starting at the very beginning, the footage shows the initial stages of the ‘Nomad’ life path. On PS4 pro the game looks absolutely gorgeous, with plenty of fantastic light effects, incredible detail, and lots of immersive scenes.

However, around the 4:30 mark in the video below, the footage switches over to PS5, and the difference is immediately noticeable.

Next-gen footage starts at 4:32

The shadows become immediately deeper, without losing any of the detail. The rain also suddenly takes on a whole new dimension, creating streaks on the windows that look impressively realistic.

Lighting also changes, with more natural-looking flares when looking up at streetlights through car windows, and the traditional ‘haze’ from the neon lights of the city also taking on more of a prominent role.

Highlights become more controlled, and the falloff between light and dark extremes feel more natural, with a more gradual transition between the two.

Sadly, we were only shown just over two minutes’ worth of footage. However, if those two minutes are anything to go by, Cyberpunk 2077 is going to look absolutely fantastic on next-gen consoles.