Vitality reportedly replacing Bo with rookie jungler after dismal LEC Summer start

Luís Mira

Vitality are reportedly swapping junglers for the final week of the LEC Summer regular season.

According to independent reporters Brieuc ‘LEC Wooloo’ Seeger and Marián ‘Eros’ Stoica, Vitality are bringing in academy player Kacper ‘Daglas’ Dagiel for the final week of the regular season as they look to avoid an embarrassing early exit in the Summer Split.

Vitality are currently rock-bottom in the LEC standings with a 1-5 record, and must win at least two of their remaining three matches to make it through to the group stage.

Bo has come under fierce criticism for his performances this split. He has a KDA of 1.1, the lowest in the LEC across all roles, and a league-high 29 deaths. According to popular League streamer and former pro Christian ‘IWillDominate’ Rivera, the team “has lost confidence” in Bo as a player.

“You can tell that Bo has given up,” he said on the latest episode of ‘Last Free Nation’. “You can tell that he is griefing the games. He just wants to f**king leave. I haven’t seen that in a while in a player.”

Who is Daglas, Vitality Bo’s replacement?

Daglas is a 17-year-old jungler from Poland who began his career only last year on Anorthosis Famagusta Esports, a Cypriot organization. He helped the team to win the Summer split of the Greek Legends League.

In December, he joined Vitality.Bee, the French organization’s academy squad, as a replacement for Karmine Corp-bound Duncan ‘Skeanz’ Marquet. The team placed seventh in the LFL Spring Split regular season, missing the playoffs.

Vitality.Bee are currently eighth in the Summer Split, with a 3-6 record. Daglas is expected to feature in the team’s June 29 game, against BK ROG Esports.

On his stream, analyst Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont said that the decision to bring in Daglas for this critical stage carries a lot of risk for Vitality.

“Putting a 17-year-old rookie on the LEC stage for the first time ever, with three games’ worth where he has to win at least two…” Caedrel said. “I’m not sure. I feel like he’s going to get a little bit gapped. But I’m here for it.”

Vitality will take on KOI (2-4) on July 1 before facing Team BDS (2-4) and EXCEL (3-3) in their last two matches of the regular season.