Tyler1 says League on Twitch is “dead” as Worlds 2022 viewership declines

Twitch: loltyler1

Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1′ Steinkamp claimed that Worlds 2022 has effectively “killed” the North American League of Legends Twitch scene, with streamers’ viewership numbers plummeting. He also questioned if League on Twitch is “dead” as a whole.

Tyler1 has become known for his fairly harsh opinions on both League of Legends as a game, the devs behind it, and the personalities that broadcast the popular MOBA.

However, his harsh criticisms aren’t always unfounded, and in his latest rant during a Twitch broadcast, sounded off on how the Worlds 2022 event has actually ended up hurting the North American League of Legends Twitch streamers.

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Tyler1 claims Worlds 2022 hurt NA League streamers

Tyler was live on October 24 when he pointed out just how low the viewership has been of late for League streamers like ChaseShaco, Bobqin, and Tarzaned. and how the scheduling conflicts of the Worlds 2022 has potentially sapped away their typical viewership numbers.

Tyler posed the question, “Is League Twitch dead?” He said that according to the numbers, Worlds viewership is down 40% from last year.

According to stats from Esports Charts, viewership was down in the Group Stage of Worlds by between 37% to 41%.

Tyler continued, “Did Worlds in NA killed NA streaming as well? Nobody gets any viewers now. I was watching Bobqin like, ‘What the f*cks going on?’ I think it killed NA streaming because it’s a terrible timeslot.”

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The viewership decline for Worlds is likely due to the North American time slot being difficult for viewers in Europe and Korea to watch.

As for Worlds impacting North American streamers’ numbers, the stats seem back up the argument. According to TwitchTracker, Tarzaned’s viewership has taken a massive hit, declining from 3,959 average viewers in September 2022 to 1,822 average viewers in October 2022.

On Twitch overall, League of Legends average viewership has been in decline since January. In the first month of 2022, League averaged 248,000 concurrent viewers. In September, the average was 159,000. October (so far) has bounced back to 220,000, but this is of course with Worlds underway.

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Although it’s been exciting to have Worlds 2022 hosted in North America, it’s possible the location has hurt the viewership numbers overall for League.