Tyler1 loses his mind after MkLeo schools him with Byleth Smash Ultimate trick - Dexerto

Tyler1 loses his mind after MkLeo schools him with Byleth Smash Ultimate trick

Published: 20/Mar/2021 6:24

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


League of Legends sensation Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp lost his mind after Leonardo ‘MkLeo’ Lopez Perez schooled him in Smash Ultimate with a brutal aerial combination on Byleth that launched him off the screen in a matter of seconds.

Tyler1 and MkLeo have locked horns on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before. The matches were often one-sided, which is to be expected. MkLeo is widely considered the best in the world.

However, the T1 duo have had some hilarious moments on stream together. Tyler1 even managed to impress fans with his skills.

The two of them vowed to do it again, and now, less than four months later, they stayed true to their word, and it started with a bang.


Tyler1 and MkLeo
Riot Games / Robert Paul for EVO
Tyler1 and MkLeo crossed paths on stream for the second time.

Tyler1 started with some trash-talk right out of the gate. “You’re nervous. Hit first p*ssy,” he said, trying to provoke MkLeo into making an early mistake. But unfortunately for him, it didn’t go according to plan. 

He tried to draw first blood but over-extended himself and got clipped with an upwards jab that sent him hurling into the air. Then, panic set in, and he hilariously button-mashed and screamed in an attempt to scurry away. 

MkLeo read the situation and capitalized on his mistake like the Smash champion he is. He locked him into an insane aerial combo and juggled him for 50% before launching him off the screen. 


It wasn’t the start Tyler1 anticipated. “I can’t go in the air, I forgot. You’re such a p*ssy!” he yelled in frustration.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen MkLeo pull off an insane combo, and it won’t be the last. But it was hilarious to see Tyler1 experience the pain first-hand.

Maybe he’ll think twice about trash-talking him again. Then again, perhaps he won’t. It’s all a part of the show. 

Either way, the two of them have fantastic chemistry on stream, and their fans can’t get enough of the crossover.