Tyler1 calls LPL, LCK players “frauds” after beating Chovy in solo queue

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Maybe NA is the best at League of Legends after all: Twitch star Tyler1 took down Gen.G star mid lane Chovy in a ranked game, calling him “predictable” on stream and adding players from the LPL and LCK are “frauds” following his victory.

Having international pros in North America for Worlds 2022 has provided its fair share of great moments within Champions Queue, but some pros have taken their practice hours outside of operating hours for CQ.

Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp had to face the highly esteemed Gen.G mid laner Jeong ‘Chovy‘ Ji-hoon in a game, and he certainly wasn’t impressed.

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He went on to talk about Chovy’s flaws as a player when he got to play against him, and claimed that “these LCK/LPL players are frauds, I think, all of them.”

Chovy’s reputation precedes him. His laning has always been a point of emphasis for why he’s such a strong player, with CS numbers that consistently top the LCK.

However, after playing against him, Tyler1 claimed that Chovy’s strength when it comes to farming and catching waves may be a weakness in its own way.

“He will not sack waves, ever. To the point where he’s negatively impacting his team. For instance, he could have won a teamfight. Would he have died? Yes. But he would have got, like, a 4-man Shurima shuffle. Actually. He would have.”

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“But if he did the play, he would have died. His team would have won, and he wouldn’t have been able to farm mid wave. So he just didn’t even go to it or try it.”

Tyler went on to talk about how Chovy was predictable, and the way he plays the map was easy to read.

While there didn’t appear to be a VoD for this match, Tyler1 wasn’t lying — his op.gg says as much. He was playing Sion mid, with none other that T1’s Oner as his jungler.

Tyler1 then went on to claim that LCK and LPL players are “frauds”. He didn’t think much more of North America’s pro players, either, saying that they’re frauds and that they also suck. After all, how many of them have hit Challenger in all five roles?

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