Tyler1 annihilates his keyboard in League of Legends bug rage

Carver Fisher

After experiencing a League of Legends bug that ruined his ranked game by not allowing him to remake, Tyler1 broke his keyboard in a fit of rage.

Tyler1 spends a lot of time playing ranked in League of Legends, enough to have hit Challenger in all 5 roles. Yet he still continues to grind and work toward higher and higher ranks on the ladder.

After a bug prevented Tyler from remaking a ranked game with an AFK teammate, he slammed his keyboard and sent keys flying.

Tyler1 has a backup keyboard, but his LP is forever lost

In League of Legends, ranked games can normally be remade if a player on your team AFKs from the very beginning. In this case, Tyler’s jungler AFKed because he forgot to take Smite, a Summoner Spell necessary for playing the role.

As a result, the jungler AFKed to force the game to be remade and took one for the team. Tyler1 and his support both ran it down mid-lane expecting the game to be remade.

However, where a remake normally would have been possible since the jungler on Tyler’s team was AFK from level 1, it didn’t work. This meant he’d lose the game and take a full penalty for the loss. Tyler wasn’t happy about this.

He slammed his keyboard hard enough for keys to visibly fly away from the site of impact, breaking it enough that it wasn’t possible for Tyler1 to play. So, he walked away and grabbed a backup.

Having a backup keyboard on hand is incredibly on-brand for this streamer, and it isn’t the first time he’s raged while playing League of Legends.

After waiting out the rest of the game until they could surrender, Tyler was hit with yet another penalty post-game.

In the time it took for him to grab a replacement keyboard, he was flagged as being an AFK player. This means that he’ll get an additional LP penalty in his next ranked game over a match that he shouldn’t have lost, to begin with.

Tyler responded to this penalty by sarcastically applauding Riot, followed by exclaiming, “you’re lucky I don’t f***ing punch my f***ing monitor”.

Despite this incident happening within 20 minutes of Tyler1’s stream starting, and on his very first game of the day, he continued to stream for the next 6 hours using his replacement keyboard.

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