Top NA LoL prospect is trying out for LCK orgs

Luís Mira

Johnson ‘Gryffinn’ Le, a young North American League of Legends player, is attempting to enter South Korea’s LCK. He is trying out for several Korean organizations this week.

The 16-year-old jungler had his first tryout with an unnamed LCK organization on July 10, Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare has revealed. According to the popular content creator and analyst, the player has more tryouts scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Gryffinn has garnered a lot of attention from LCK organizations since he arrived in Korea, on June 21. That same day, he was allegedly already approached by a Korean organization.

The North American jungler began carving his trail in the region in 2022, when he helped NoTeam to reach the LCS Proving Grounds in the Spring split. In March 2023, he joined CCG Esports as a substitute and didn’t see any action in the NACL qualifiers.

Two months later, he claimed rank one in the North American Challenger with 1,852 League Points (LP). What’s more, he achieved that milestone juggling League and attending school full-time.

On July 9, just two months after arriving in South Korea, Gryffinn reached the Grandmaster rank with a 68 percent win rate.

According to LS, Gryffinn doesn’t speak any Korean and is only communicating “via pings and extremely basic English” or words that are commonly used by players from all regions, like ‘gank’, ‘ward’ and ‘dragon’.

LS said that this is the first time that a player from North America or Europe has tried out for an LCK organization since 2018. If Gryffinn is successful, he is expected to join an organization at an academy level to continue his development.

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