TFT Worlds Final bug has community divided after unit mysteriously returns to life

Liam Ho
Graves Splash Art

A mysterious bug at the Teamfight Tactics World Finals has caused controversy within the community after a unit was mysteriously brought back to life.

Set 9 is wrapping up for Teamfight Tactics, with Set 10 Remix Rumble on the way soon. As such, the World Finals for the set was only recently held, with Japanese player Title being crowned the victor. Set 9 has been a bit of a rollercoaster for TFT, with legends, bad metas, and several bugs making it less than favored in the eyes of players.

Legends were brought in to help players bring in their own defined playstyles, guaranteeing augments. While it sounded great on paper, many legends were simply outclassed by the top-performing ones, quickly forming a meta that stuck. Alongside that, much of the finals was plagued by a bad meta, with very few comps actually being viable to play.

Unfortunately, the most egregious issue that occurred during the Set 9 World Finals was a rather mysterious bug. This bug brought a unit back to life after it was knocked off by K’sante, which many players were upset about as it heavily impacted the outcome of the fight.

TFT bug has community divided after unit draws aggro while dead

In the clip, K’sante knocks off a Graves with an Overcharged Shimmer Injector. Shimmer Injector brings a unit back to life after dropping below 0 HP, giving it a second chance at life. This means that despite being knocked off the board, the Graves somehow returned after a brief period of time.

Many were uncertain if this was an intended issue, and at such a high-profile event it was enough to cause lead designer Mortdog to respond. According to the dev, this has been the interaction throughout the entire set, with the designer labeling it as “intended”.

However, others have disputed the developer. Players have stated that the Graves still drew aggro despite being knocked off the board, which caused many of the enemy units to become stuck for a period of time.

“Mortdog said that wasn’t a bug on Twitter but that’s no way it isn’t, Ksante got stuck waiting for Graves to come back for the whole fight lmao” a YouTube user argued.

With the finals for Set 9 being over, many players have just condemned Set 9, and are hoping for brighter things to come when Remix Rumble rocks around.

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