TFT streamer creates infinite voidspawns with new Parting Gifts augment

Liam Ho
Void Art in League of Legends

TFT streamer BoxBox found a fantastic new build with the Parting Gifts augment, allowing him to create multiple voidspawns via duplicating Zz’Rot Portals.

Teamfight Tactics is a game of quick thinking, strategy, and creativity. Carefully crafting the best possible army from your augments, items, and units to reign supreme over the lobby in an 8-man free for all. Of course in most incidents, a meta will form within the community, who often come up with the best comps to run each set.

However, sometimes the most powerful builds that win games are the ones that are the most creative. These builds often utilize everything that the player is offered to them, including their augments and items, working in beautiful tandem to create an army to rule above all. Even the strongest meta compositions can find themselves struggling against a well-thought-out and creative strategy, highlighting the many ways to play TFT.

This is exactly what Teamfight Tactics streamer BoxBox did in one of his games. BoxBox, a former well-known Riven one trick turned TFT player is known for his creative and high-roll comps. His new build however wasn’t necessarily high roll, but almost definitely big brain.

BoxBox creates ingenious comp with Parting Gifts augment

BoxBox had the augment Parting Gifts, this augment allows units to pass one of their items to another ally upon death, granting them a bonus shield. This augment is generally looked over as a Gold tier augment, with other ones of the tier offering better bonuses. However, BoxBox saw the potential Parting Gifts had and combined it with his Zz’Rot Portal to immense effectiveness.

Zz’Rot portal spawns a voidspawn upon the unit’s death. This voidspawn will fight for the player like a regular unit and will gain stats as the match goes on. BoxBox was smart enough to have his units pass on a Zz’Rot portal to each other, meaning he could spawn a bunch of voidspawns to act as his frontline.

This way, instead of needing multiple frontline units, he was able to field 4 backliners to increase his damage output, allowing him to win his fight.