TFT pro Setsuko dumbfounded after losing PvE round to harmless scuttle crabs

Liam Ho
Cho'Gath Splash Art

Teamfight Tactics pro player Setsuko was lost for words after their Cho’Gath lost their PvE round to four harmless Scuttle Crabs.

Teamfight Tactics is a game that has players constantly thinking on their feet. The most successful players will adapt consistently throughout the game, with the most successful having the ability to think quickly and decisively. This is all in the midst of the many battles that take place during the game, with each player facing each other on a 1v1. The only real break players receive during their match is when they reach the hailed PvE round, in which they fight various monsters for loot and gold.

With the arrival of Set 9 and portals, some of these PvE rounds were changed to better suit the portals. Some completely remove these rounds and instead, replace them with treasure armories that can be rerolled. However, the coolest of the lot has to be the Scuttle Puddle portal, which changes the PvE rounds from monsters to harmless Scuttle Crabs from League of Legends.

Because these cute critters do barely any damage, a strategy on this portal is to sell your units for gold and only leave one to slay the crabs. That’s exactly what TFT professional Setsuko did, unfortunately not quite to the degree of success they were looking for.

Teamfight Tactics pro player loses PvE round to Scuttle Crabs

Setsuko, knowing that they’d be able to bully the poor creatures for their loot only fields a Cho’Gath in, allowing them to save their gold. Everything seems to be going fine, with Setsuko cheering on his void creature as he devours the crabs. As a 1-cost tank, however, Cho’Gath was a bit slow when it came to chomping down the creatures, which triggered overtime.

What Setsuko didn’t realize was that the Scuttle Crabs will sometimes stand still and dig, dealing damage to nearby units. When overtime was triggered, the Scuttle Crabs also received the bonus damage and ended up decimating Cho’Gath, causing the professional player a rather embarrassing defeat.