TFT Monsters Attack pass details: All rewards & missions in Set 8

Cyber Pop Zoe in League of LegendsRiot Games

TFT Monsters Attack is here, and that means there’s a new battle pass to grind. All new missions and rewards have been added for TFT Set 8 ⁠— here’s what you need to know.

TFT Set 8 is finally going live. Named Monsters Attack, there’s a new roster of champions and traits slotting into the superhero and villain theme, as well as mechanics like Hero Augments and Item Anvils to add fresh different playstyle options.

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What isn’t changing though is the battle pass system. TFT Monsters Attack will feature the same style of battle pass, allowing players to earn rewards by grinding missions and playing the autobattler across the three months before the Mid-Set Update.

Here’s how it’ll work in TFT Set 8.

TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack key art with Pengu, Nasus, Lux, Fiddlesticks, and Bel'VethRiot Games
Get ready to grind through TFT Set 8 with the Monsters Attack pass.

How much does the TFT Monsters Attack pass cost?

Much like other battle passes, the TFT Monsters Attack pass comes with a Free and Premium track.

The Free pack is as described. You don’t pay anything for it, and you still get access to all the missions. The only thing you miss out on is the extra rewards ⁠which are only obtainable in the Premium Pass+. If you want to pick that up, it’ll cost 1295 RP.

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If you’re not sure how much time you’ll invest into TFT Set 8, you can unlock the pass later on. You’ll retroactively be given all the rewards, so you won’t miss out on anything.

TFT Monsters Attack pass missions

If you want to blaze through the TFT Monsters Attack pass, you will want to complete the missions. They are all tied to the new champions, traits, and mechanics, so you should be able to get through them by playing flexibly across the set.

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Here’s all the missions you can complete across TFT Set 8 for sweet, sweet experience.

#SquadGoalsReach 100 fame with Anima Squad in three different games400 XP
Aces HighField Ace 4600 XP
Apocalypse Of OneWith only Fiddlesticks left alive, kill three enemies in a single PvP combat600 XP
Extinction EventField a team with six Threats600 XP
Gear CheckDefeat a boss in 15 seconds or less600 XP
Heroes Never DieField Ox Force 6400 XP
Major CrossoverField an army with at least eight active traits400 XP
Metroplex Defense InitiativeField A.D.M.I.N. 2+ for 30 rounds (rounds with 4+ count triple), and deal 15,000 damage with LaserCorp drones800 XP
Mobilize the CityDrop 15 buildings with Mordekaiser, and grant allies 2500 mana with Civilian800 XP
One-Two PunchPlay two games of Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack400 XP
Optimal PrimeField a Mecha Prime with three completed items and at least 6000 health400 XP
Super League HQField nine units200 XP
Super Weapon “Acquisition”Use Underground to heist a Radiant item or a Tactician’s Crown1000 XP
Tacticians, Team Up!Play a game of Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack400 XP
Team-Up MomentField an army with at least five active traits200 XP
The A-ListField five 3-star Hero champions400 XP
The Old GuardWith Supers active, field four 3-star units1000 XP
The Power of HeartUsing Heart, grant an ally 100 AP in a single combat400 XP
Threat Level: ALPHAField a 3-star Threat champion600 XP
Unlikely AlliesField a Threat champion with an Emblem and the corresponding trait active400 XP
Utility Belt Activate!Build 20 Gadgeteen items400 XP

TFT Monsters Attack pass rewards

You aren’t mindlessly grinding through the TFT Monsters Attack pass for nothing ⁠— there are plenty of rewards on offer. Starting with the Super Squad Sprite and Threat Level: Nom board (in the Premium+ Pass), players can also earn Little Legend Eggs, Star Shards, Booms, Arenas, and more.

There’s also the chase emotes at the end of the pass, featuring Miss Fortune in her Anima Squad skin. You can check all the TFT Monsters Attack pass rewards below.

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0Threat Level: Nom ArenaPass+
1Super Squad SpriteFree
21-Star Justice Beam BoomPass+
350 Star ShardsPass+
4Whisker EggPass+
5Gotta Fly EmoteFree
61-Star Love Love Beam BoomPass+
71-Star Rocket Punch BoomPass+
850 Star ShardsPass+
9Random EmoteFree
101-Star Star Guardian TockerPass+
1150 Star ShardsPass+
121-Star Your Ride Is Here BoomPass+
13Little Legend Series 1-17 EggFree
142-Star Justice Beam BoomPass+
15Grizzle EggPass+
162-Star Rocket Punch BoomPass+
17Random EmoteFree
1850 Star ShardsPass+
192-Star Love Love Beam BoomPass+
20Little Legend Series 1-17 EggFree
21Threat Level: Ok ArenaPass+
222-Star Your Ride Is Here BoomPass+
2350 Star ShardsPass+
249000+ EmoteFree
25Whisker EggPass+
263-Star Justice Beam BoomPass+
272-Star Star Guardian TockerPass+
2850 Star ShardsPass+
29Little Legend Series 1-17 EggFree
303-Star Rocket Punch BoomPass+
3150 Star ShardsPass+
32Random EmoteFree
33Legendary Little Legend EggPass+
343-Star Love Love Beam BoomPass+
3550 Star ShardsPass+
36Grizzle EggPass+
37Mecha:Punch EmoteFree
38Threat Level: Tentacle ArenaPass+
393-Star Your Ride Is Here BoomPass+
4050 Star ShardsPass+
413-Star Star Guardian TockerPass+
42Legendary Little Legend EggFree
43Lux’s Radiant ChaliceFree
44Poro-Ranger HQ ArenaPass+
45#Winning EmoteFree
46#Shock&Awe EmoteFree
47#Champions EmoteFree

TFT Monsters Attack pass expiry date

The TFT Monsters Attack pass is set to expire on March 21, 2023. Like usual, players can expect the TFT Set 8.5 update to drop on the following day with an all-new battle pass to grind through.

If Riot pushes that back, we’ll let you know.