TFT 14.7 mid-patch update notes: Blue Kayle hotfix, Yone nerfs, and more

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Yone Splash Art

TFT has had a mid-patch update that includes several changes and nerfs to leave Patch 14.7 in a more balanced state.

Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.7 has only just started, but there’s already been a mid-patch update to fix several of the changes made in the major patch. This includes nerfs to Yone and Kayle, with Twin Terror being completely disabled.

When is Patch 14.7’s mid-patch update?

The mid-patch update for Teamfight Tactics is currently available, as the changes made were hotfixed into the auto battler.

What’s changing in TFT’s Patch 14.7 mid-patch update?

Twin Terror disabled

Twin Terror has been completely disabled after Riot decided that the Twin Terror Porcelain comp made it impossible to balance correctly. Therefore they’ve decided to remove the augment for the rest of the set and plan on revisiting it sometime in the future.

Blue Kayle nerfs

Blue Kayle has swiftly become the strongest iteration of Storyweaver after the buffs in Patch 14.7. Players discovered that you could put Kayle near the frontline and have her cleave the entire board, essentially one-shotting the enemy backline and instantly winning the fight. Riot has now nerfed this so her cleave stops shortly after the first target.

TFT 14.7 mid-patch update notes



  • Kayle’s ability now stops shortly after hitting its primary target.
  • Tome of Power damage increase decreased: 20% >>> 15%



  • Attack speed increased: 0.75 >>> 0.8


  • Mana increased: 0/60 >>> 10/70
  • Ability shield decreased: 280/340/400% AP >>> 250/300/350% AP


Everything Must Go!

  • has been re-enabled

Lucky Paws (Kobuko Hero)

  • Ability damage decreased: 300% >>> 250%

Twin Terror I & II

  • have been disabled

Bug Fixes

  • Kog’Maw now only increases his range every 3 casts instead of 2.
  • Kayle’s ability cast visual no longer disappears early.
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