Teamfight Tactics patch 13.10 notes: Treasure Realms and minor balance changes

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Patch 13.10 for Riot’s popular Auto-battler Teamfight Tactics brings about the brand new Treasure Realms system, alongside minor balance changes leading up to the Monsters Attack! Championship.

The newest patch in TFT isn’t looking to change the meta up too much. With only a couple of minor balance changes, Riot isn’t looking to shake the meta up too much as we head toward the Monster’s Attack! Championship later in the month.

Without further ado, here’s what’s changing in Patch 13.10 of Teamfight Tactics.

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When is TFT Patch 13.10?

As per usual, the Teamfight Tactics patch will release at the same time as League of Legends Patch 13.10. This will be on May 17th, 2023. Expect a brief period of server downtime before the patch goes live.

What’s changing in TFT Patch 13.10?

Enter the Treasure Realms

Teamfight Tactics’ newest monetization system is coming in Patch 13.10. Treasure Realms will allow players to roll for specific loot using the new Treasure Tokens. This system will be replacing the current personalization system of Eggs, with the Eggs being available in store until Patch 13.12. You can read more about the new Treasure Realms system here.

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Slight TFT balance shifts

Riot seems to be pretty happy with the current state of Teamfight Tactics. As such they aren’t looking to change up too much with Patch 13.10. Aside from minor buffs and nerfs to traits, only a few units and augments received changes in this patch.

Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.10 notes



  • Threshold increased: 15/30% >>> 15/33%

Anima Squad

  • AD & AP bonuses increased: 10/35/60 >>> 15/35/60


  • Damage & Damage Reduction decreased: 4/9% >>> 4/8%

Units: Tier 1


  • Time Out! MR ratio decreased: 300/450/675% >>> 290/435/650%

Units: Tier 2


  • Max Mana buff: 70/140 >>> 70/130

Units: Tier 3


  • Adaptive Strike base Damage: 85/130/210 >>> 90/135/220


Double Trouble

  • Double Trouble II AD, AP, Armor, and MR increased: 30 >>> 33
  • Double Trouble III AD, AP, Armor, and MR increased: 40 >>> 44

Nilah Support

  • Jubilant Veil CC immunity for number of Allies increased: 5 >>> 6

Bug Fixes

  • The stage UI now auto collapses properly during combat instead of requiring a manual input.
  • There’s two A’s in Aatrox: Fixed an issue where Aatrox’s second spell wasn’t buffed like the first one was in the last patch.
  • Leduck and run: Fixed an issue where Ezreal would cast his spell twice if he killed a target within melee range.
  • Ghost stunner: Fixed an issue where Pyke could stun units who are immune to CC.
  • You gotta be critting me: Fixed an issue where reaching 100% crit on select units was reverting crit to near zero.

Normals (With Portals!?) Changes

Stage 2-6 Portals

  • Stage 2-6 Portals have a 100% chance of appearing. Demacia, Piltover, and Targon each are equally weighted here.
    • Demacia: Gain 2 item components
    • Void: Gain a Thief’s Gloves
    • Zaun: Gain 10 gold.

Stage 3-3 Portals

  • Stage 3-3 Portals have a 30% chance of appearing. That 30% is composed of Portals from Ionia, Shadow Isles, Noxus, and Freljord, all of which have an equal chance of appearing.
    • Ionia: Target Dummy + 15 gold
    • Shadow Isles: Champion Duplicator + Two 4-cost Champions
    • Noxus: 2 full Item Anvils
    • Freljord: Ornn Anvil

Stage 4-3 Portals

  • Stage 4-3 Portals have a 75% chance of appearing. That 75% is composed of Portals from Targon, Piltover, and Shurima, all of which have an equal chance of appearing.
    • Targon: Gain a Tactician’s Crown
    • Piltover: Gain a Loaded Dice, a Lesser Champion Duplicator, a Remover, and a Reforger
    • Shurima: Gain a Tome of Traits and 6 gold

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