T1 Faker reveals an arm injury is affecting his ability to play

Carver Fisher
T1 Faker arm injury

Though T1 Faker’s career has been long up to this point, he admitted that he’s enduring arm pain that’s affecting his ability to play in a press conference after their match against Nonshim RedForce.

With such a long career under his belt as a pro player, Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok stands as a unique case in the League of Legends scene.

As it stands, many people are surprised Faker’s still competing at all, let alone pulling out consistent podium finishes both domestically and internationally as well as having some recent record-breaking milestones within the LCK. To many, he’s the greatest League of Legends player of all time.

However, he spoke in a press conference about some arm pain that he’s dealing with and said that it’s affecting his ability to play. That on top of a fan interaction where they claim Faker dropped his pills in front of them has longtime supporters of the star mid laner worried for his health.

T1 Faker suffers from unknown arm injury

This topic came up after T1 dropped a game to Nongshim RedForce, one of the lowest-rated teams in the LCK. Opposing mid laner An ‘FIESTA’ Hyeon-seo pulled off some big plays with Azir, putting himself and his team well ahead of Faker in teamfights.

Ultimately, this left Faker feeling unhappy with his performance despite T1 winning their series. The team is playing well, but they aren’t anywhere near their peaks last year when they were setting domestic records.

“Because my arm wasn’t in good shape, my performance wasn’t good since the match against OK Savings Bank Brion. It had a big impact.” was what Faker had to say according to Yoon Min-Seop, a reporter on-site at the press conference.

This was followed by Faker confirming that he’s undergoing treatment for his arm injury and a T1 official confirming that he’ll be going to the hospital soon to get a “more detailed diagnosis.”

On top of all that, Faker has been benched in the past. He wasn’t satisfied with his play in 2021 when T1’s current roster was still being formed and spent a good deal of time that year on the bench while Lee ‘Clozer’ Ju-hyeon took over the role.

While the mid lane superstar was able to come back better than ever back then, it’s hard to say what the outcome will be this time around with Faker’s health on the line.

A fan has claimed that they interacted with the pro player and that he dropped pills with his name on them. If this is true, it’s hard to say what shape Faker is in or how severe his condition is. It isn’t off the table that he gets subbed out as he undergoes treatment.

And, with the Asia Games coming up, it’s incredibly important for Faker to be in peak condition. For now, though, he’s still on T1’s starting roster with the organization yet to comment on his condition outside of the press conference after their match against Nongshim RedForce.

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