T1 Faker is finally playing League again after more than 2 weeks away

Carver Fisher
Faker's finally playing League again after injuryColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

After more than two weeks of inactivity following his injury, T1 Faker is finally playing League of Legends again. He’s only played ARAMs for now, but fans are hopeful he’ll return to pro play soon.

It’d be fair to say that T1 looks lost without Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok. Though the other pieces of the squad are strong players in their own right, it’s been made apparent that Faker is the glue that keeps the team together.

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As such, fans of the team have been anxiously awaiting his return. Though T1’s chances of making Playoffs based on their strong start to the Summer split are high, they risk missing Worlds 2023 qualification if Faker can’t get back in time.

While he isn’t off the bench just yet, Faker’s back on one of his accounts after over 2 weeks of inactivity. He’s just been playing ARAM for now, but fans are encouraged to see him putting hours into League again.

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T1 Faker plays his first League game in weeks

Faker’s impact on T1 shows how important game knowledge and leadership is in a team setting. Some of his best moments as a pro player have been on champions like Galio and Leblanc who excel at rotating around the map, and the way he thinks about the game plays a crucial role in T1’s greatest victories.

However, a brilliant mind can only take you so far. Mechanics are another crucial part of the equation, and Faker needs to properly recover if he wants to be able to lead T1.

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Fortunately, fans were given some hope after noticing that Faker’s finally playing again. Though it was just some ARAMs, it at least shows that he’s trying to get back into the swing of things.

Image taken from op.gg

As you can see from the match history on his Hide on bush account, he’s been away for a long time. Even on vacation, pro-League players rarely spend this much time away from the game. Clearly, Faker had good reason to do so considering his injury, but seeing him inactive after a decade of dominating the ladder didn’t bode well for T1.

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Additionally, Faker only played 4 matches before hopping off and didn’t queue with anyone in particular. It’s likely that he’s trying to start the process of getting antiquated with League again after such a long time away.

Some T1 fans on Reddit are hopeful that this means Faker will be back on stage soon. However, with him only playing some ARAMs and staying away from solo queue for now, it’s safe to bet that he’ll be away for a bit longer. He hasn’t started playing solo queue and practicing individually just yet, but at least he’s dipping his toes back into the game whose history has been defined by him.

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