Special: EXCEL showed we’re better than a bottom-side LEC team

Special League of Legends playerLolesports


EXCEL’s mid-laner Joran ‘Special’ Scheffer and his team have begun to turn their fortunes around slowly in the LEC after two wins on the bounce, against SK and Schalke.

It was a rough start to the Summer Split otherwise, and Special puts that partly down to having two rookies on the team, still getting bedded in to play at this level.

“I think people need to get out of their own heads, because we’re a new team, we have two rookies, and we had a rough schedule in the league as well. People say ‘you’re going to be a bottom team.'”

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But Special thinks everyone was too quick to judge. “We have been playing good early games, so it doesn’t really make any sense to me. I’m just happy that we showed them now that we’re better than that.”

For Scheffer personally, he explained that he’s settled in well with his squad in the LEC. “I love being here, being in this environment where it’s super high-level, and any mistake you make can get punished.

“It just feels great, I feel like I finally get rewarded for my efforts and my habits that I changed, and I think it’s starting to show more and more that I deserve to be on this level.

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The team did suffer a setback at the hands of Misfits, but will now be looking to get back on a winning streak against Vitality and G2 in Week 4.