Riot testing massive Amumu changes for League of Legends patch 11.17

amumuRiot Games

Riot has announced they are testing out big changes to the sad mummy, Amumu, for patch 11.17 which includes giving his Q ability Bandage Toss a second charge.

Amumu as a jungler in League of Legends Season 11 has certainly seen brighter days. Right now, his power is quite underwhelming at higher levels of play. His win rate above Platinum rank is the lowest out of all junglers at 43.61% according to stat tracker site

On top of having the lowest win rate, he also has a pick rate of just 1% at Platinum and above rank. It seems as though Amumu has been completely forgotten about amongst more skilled players.

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Luckily for Amumu mains, some changes have been teased by the developers that may end up giving Amumu some well-deserved power, making the sad mummy just a little bit happier.

Infernal Amumu in League of LegendsRiot Games
Amumu may be receiving a mini-rework to his Q ability, Bandage Toss.

Amumu changes

Lead game designer for League Jeevun Sidhu sent a tweet on August 10 about changes that could be coming for Amumu.

Jeevun says that Amumu’s Q ability, Bandage Toss, will now have two charges in testing for patch 11.17. The charges will work akin to other abilities that can be used multiple times, with an example being Caitlyn’s traps, which she stores up then can use multiple times.

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Adding another charge onto Amumu’s Bandage Toss will make it more forgiving to miss his only skillshot. Amumu is massively reliant on landing Bandage Toss, as it’s his only way of getting onto enemy targets.

LoL devs must be careful though, as the last time Amumu was powerful at higher levels of play, he was completely unstoppable and had to be hotfixed because he was so strong. Hopefully, the changes to his Bandage Toss ability will give him just enough power to become relevant again.

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Amumu isn’t the only champion receiving a slight rework for patch 11.17, as Lucian is also getting some changes to make him more of a bot-lane marksman.