Viktor set for preseason rework in League of Legends patch 10.21

Riot Games

Viktor is set to receive a minor preseason League of Legends rework as part of the overall Season 11 balance changes, to “hopefully” bring him in line with the Mythic and Legendary items being released in LoL patch 10.21 on the PBE.

The Machine Herald has always had one major focus in his kit: earn upgrades for his iconic Hex Core item linked to his passive, and take over the game with bonus ability power.

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Riot is set to make sweeping changes to the mid laner’s passive, Glorious Evolution, as part of the Season 11 preseason update, however. Gone is Viktor’s old prototype Hex Core; in its place are “Evolution points,” which have to be unlocked mid-game.

Each evolution point upgrades a spell, and grants Viktor +10% total ability power.

In exchange, the Hex Core upgrades are now gated. Evolution points can only be accessed “when Viktor completes a Mythic or Legendary tier item,” many of which are class-specific purchases that mages cannot unlock in Season 11.

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Classic Viktor skin in League of LegendsRiot Games
Viktor is in line for huge changes to his Hex Core passive in the next few League of Legends updates.

The passive changes aren’t the only switch Riot Games is planning to make in the mini Viktor rework either. His E ability, known as “Death Ray,” will have its mana cost dropped by as much as 20 each level. It will now cost 90 mana at max rank.

The ability’s laser ratio has been upped slightly too, from 0.6 to 0.7. This is paired with a tiny drop ⁠— 0.6, down from 0.7 on live LoL servers ⁠— for his Death Ray’s Aftershock ratio.

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Viktor is currently considered one of the weakest mid lane picks in League Season 10. He has a 49.30% win rate in platinum and above, according to stat-tracking site Lolalytics, with just a measly 2.17% play rate. He is banned in 0.17% of games.

Viktor has struggled to find his feet in League of Legends ranked in the past few seasons.Riot Games
Viktor has struggled to find his feet in League of Legends ranked in the past few seasons.

Viktor changes dubbed “absolute joke”

While Riot Games turning their attention to the struggling Machine Herald is likely welcome news for many Viktor mains, the changes the League developers have trotted out on the LoL testing server in patch 10.21 have been less than well-received.

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“He doesn’t become a real character until 10k gold?” League player CaptainCalpin said on /r/ViktorMains after the changes were revealed. “What an absolute joke.”

It was a sentiment others shared too. One called the changes “very concerning,” while some said Viktor would be “worse than ever” post-patch 10.21. Another called for the forum to “become a Veigar subreddit” until changes were reverted.

The main issue Viktor players have, as Dexerto understands, is that Viktor’s early power has been lessened considerably with the loss of the Hex Core item.

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Add to this the fact that each of his abilities are considered “hot dookie” without the new Evolution upgrades, and it puts Viktor in an even worse state than before.

Robot Viktor in League of Legends.Riot Games
Viktor fans are less than pleased with the Machine Herald’s planned patch 10.21 changes.

Riot Games has yet to respond to the patch 10.21 rework criticism. They have shown a willingness to listen to League of Legends players who main characters in the past though.

If the Viktor changes do stick beyond the PBE server, expect these to hit the Rift around the same time as the Mythic & Legendary item overhauls. For all the details on League’s new preseason changes, catch up right here.

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All planned Viktor changes in patch 10.21


  • Viktor no longer starts with Hexcore in his inventory, and cannot purchase upgrades.
  • Viktor gains an Evolution point when he completes a Mythic or Legendary-tier item.
  • Each evolution upgrades a spell and grants +10% total ability power, permanently.

E ⁠— Death Ray

  • Mana cost 70/80/90/100/110 ⇒ 50/60/70/80/90
  • Laser ratio 0.6 ⇒ 0.7.
  • Aftershock ratio 0.7 ⇒ 0.6.

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