Rekkles claims he and Carlos were “enemies” on G2

Carver Fisher

Former G2 Esports League of Legends player Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson has opened up about his personal experience with the organisation’s former CEO, Carlos Rodríguez, during his time on the team.

Martin ‘Rekkles‘ Larsson is one of the most iconic players in competitive League of Legends history. His tenure on Fnatic was a golden time for both him and the organization, and it made him one of the biggest names in Western esports.

However, Rekkles’ time on G2 was short-lived. After a relatively disappointing result for the organization, despite winning Spring MVP, Rekkles departed G2 Esports and signed with Karmine Corp, an LFL team.

Many saw the downgrade from being in the LEC to playing on an ERL team as a surprise move for a player like Rekkles. But, as it turned out, Carlos may have been part of the reason Rekkles wound up outside the LEC.

Rekkles spoke on his difficulties finding a new team after G2

On stream, Rekkles had a conversation about what 2023 may hold for him. While he didn’t say much as to whether or not he’d be leaving KCorp for 2023, he did have a lot to say about how the French organization has treated him and how different it is when compared to his G2 experience.

According to Rekkles, “the vibes are good” at KCorp, and he’s much more optimistic about his pro career this year than he was last year. This led to a conversation about his time at G2.

Rekkles spoke about his difficulty leaving the org, and said he thought G2 was trying to restrict his team options. “I didn’t want them to get money for me, and I’m sure they didn’t want to let me go to whichever team I wanted. I know for a fact they didn’t want me to go to whichever team I wanted.”

This was followed by Rekkles saying that “last year was a situation where we were enemies” in a reference to Carlos and G2. While we only have Rekkles’ word to go off of when it comes to the situation, this could be part of the reason why Rekkles exited the LEC after his time on G2.

He concluded by saying that KCorp has “treated him well”, and that he believes the organization will continue to treat him well, whether he stays with the team or decides to move on.

Carlos has since left G2 following a video showing him partying with Andrew Tate.