RED Canids’ Grevthar expects to “defy the odds” with Worlds play-in upset

Twitter: @REDCanids

Following RED Canids’ win over Latin American rivals Infinity Esports in their opening match at Worlds 2021, midlaner and MVP Daniel ‘Grevthar’ Xavier expressed his confidence that RED Canids can make the group stage.

Grevthar had dominated the matchup against Infinity with a masterclass performance on Sett, earning a 5/2/6 stat line.

Speaking with assorted media after the match, Grevthar made the confident claim that RED Canids will make it out of the play-in stage.

Grevthar at WorldsTwitter: @REDCanids
Grevthar was the most dominant force on the rift during RED Canids’ first match at Worlds 2021

RED Canids eyeing groups

Many people see play-ins as a foregone conclusion, with Korea’s Hanwha Life Esports, China’s LNG, North America’s Cloud9, and Taiwan’s Beyond Gaming the teams expected to make it to the main group stage at Worlds 2021.

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However, in response to a question from Dexerto’s Benjamin Mock about defying the expectations for play-ins, Grevthar was confident that RED Canids would appear in the group stage.

“I am very confident. I think all of the players are really confident,” Grevthar said, “We think our style of play is the correct one. It is the one that we won CBLOL with, and we believe it is the one that can help us win in play-ins”.

Grevthar also celebrated the win on social media, tweeting “F*CKING RESPECT BRAZIL. WE’RE STARTING WITH A WIN”

No Brazilian team has reached the group stage of Worlds since INTZ in 2016. While a group stage appearance by Red Canids would be a fantastic feat for the Latin American region, the team will have to contend with the likes of Hanwha Life Esports and LNG to achieve it.

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However, Grevthar expressed that Red Canids were thinking about more than just the group stage.

“We are all very happy to be here at Worlds. Winning is not the only positive we will take away from this experience”.