Nilah’s League of Legends win rate climbs above 50% in just one day

Andrew Amos
Star Guardian Nilah in League of Legends

Nilah, the Joy Unbound, has finally launched in League of Legends⁠— and she’s already dominating Summoner’s Rift. The bot lane skirmisher’s win rate has already climbed past 50% one day after her launch, and that’s bad news for balancing.

When League of Legends champions typically launch, players take a few days or even weeks to get the hang of them. Win rates are commonly as low as 40% for the first week or so, sometimes even in the 30% range. 

Nilah is the exception to the rule. Straight out of the gates the Joy Unbound has completely taken over the League of Legends meta with her bot lane skirmisher playstyle as well as her overtuned kit, decimating Summoner’s Rift.

After Day 1, Nilah boasts a win rate of 52.60% at all ranks according to LoLalytics. She’s being played in 10.62% of games ⁠— that’s when she can get through with her 37.66% ban rate. 

It’s quite the launch. Most champions take some time to warm up even if they peak with insane win rates. Bel’Veth struggled at around 40% until she rose into the high-50s, and Zeri was the same. Yuumi had one of the biggest extremes going from 29% at launch to upwards of 60%.

Nilah in League of Legends
Nilah is already causing problems in League of Legends’ bot lane with a 52% win rate on Day 1.

A Day 1 win rate this high usually means one thing ⁠— nerfs. Some players have pointed towards her experience-sharing passive as a major issue, while others think her numbers are strictly too high.

While Riot hasn’t confirmed any early Nilah changes, they’re obviously hyper-aware of the meta right now.

The developers weren’t afraid on pulling the trigger after LoL patch 12.13’s launch with hotfix nerfs to three threats to the game’s meta: Gwen, Master Yi, and Sivir. However, it’s likely Riot are taking a bit more time on Nilah as they want more data for a new release.

If trends continue though, expect Nilah’s win rate to continue soaring. If you want to hop on the hype train too, give our guide to the Joy Unbound a read.

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