Meiko says fans can believe in EDG again after lifting Worlds 2021 trophy

Ben Mock
EDG lift the Summoner's Cup after winning Worlds 2021

After capturing their first-ever Worlds title, EDward Gaming support Tian ‘Meiko’ Ye told fans they could expect great things from the team going forwards.

DWG KIA had already been crowned Worlds 2021 champions in the minds of many even before the tournament had started.

And yet, it was the LPL’s EDward Gaming who came out on top following a five-game thriller against the defending champions.

Following the win, Meiko addressed fans and told them they could once again believe in the organization after a hard-fought season.

EDG Meiko at the Worlds 2021 final
Meiko said fans should have high expectations of EDG going forward

EDG live up to fan expectations

“I think the LPL is always very strong,” Meiko said. “But previously, many people put very high expectations on EDG, and we’ve not always lived up to them.

“I think that is why many people did not put those expectations on us this year.”

It has been a long road for the seven-time LPL champions. Undeniably one of the strongest teams in China, EDG always seemed to falter on the Worlds stage:

  • Worlds 2014: Quarterfinals
  • Worlds 2015: Quarterfinals
  • Worlds 2016: Quarterfinals
  • Worlds 2017: Groups
  • Worlds 2018: Quarterfinals

They also began to slip down the tier list of Chinese teams, missing Worlds in 2019 and 2020 while also finishing no higher than fifth in an LPL split between Summer 2018 and Summer 2020.

But 2021 was different. The team added top laner Li ‘Flandre’ Xuan-Jun and bot laner Park ‘Viper’ Do-hyeon prior to the season and finished third in Spring 2021, their highest finish since coming second in Spring 2018.

EDG Flandre at the Worlds 2021 final
Veteran top laner Flandre was a vital addition in returning EDG to contender status

EDG curse lifted after winning Worlds 2021

They did one better in the second split, winning their first LPL title since Summer 2017 and returning to Worlds years after their last appearance in 2018.

It was there that EDG finally progressed past the quarterfinals at Worlds.

“We have broken this curse,” Meiko said.

Now, with a Worlds title under their belts, it looks like a new era of dominance is dawning for EDward Gaming.

“I would like to tell you that you can put high expectations on EDG from now,” Meiko concluded.

The question is, can EDG do what DWG KIA couldn’t, and run it back in 2022?

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