LoL pros pay homage to Bjergsen’s “legendary” career following shock retirement

Carver Fisher

League of Legends pros who have played against and competed alongside Bjergsen have come together to celebrate his legendary career and long reign over the LCS.

At the point that pros are able to compete in a major region league like the LCS, things get insanely competitive. While pros tend to have a mutual respect for each other, winning is what’s on their minds. It’s rare that everyone takes a step back and recognizes the significance of a certain competitor.

But Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg’s retirement is a different story. He’s a player that’s been at or near the top of the LCS for almost a decade, and his illustrious career cemented TSM as the top organization in the LCS during their heyday.

His retirement came without any prior notice, shocking everyone. Pro players, current and retired, have come together to pay tribute to Bjergsen’s pro career.

Fellow competitors come together to honor Bjergsen’s legacy

Bjergsen has become a name synonymous with the LCS. Though he came in as an import player, the LCS (and more specifically TSM) is where he built his legacy. And, though he never managed to replicate his domestic success internationally, his domestic success is near-unprecedented.

6 domestic titles is nothing to scoff at, not to mention all the runner up-finishes and high regular-season placements.

However, Bjergsen’s retirement didn’t come without a reason. He had this to say in his announcement video: “For a long time, I’ve kind of felt and even told the people around me that, if I didn’t feel I could give my absolute all toward winning and being the best and felt like I could be one of the best players in the world, it would be time to stop. And that time is now.”

At least it seems that Doublelift plans to keep competing for now, but we only got a split with these two back together. A split that didn’t end the way they would have liked. Regardless, LCS pros, fans, org owners, and community figures all came together to celebrate his career.

While it’s a sad day for the LCS, people seem to be glad he played in the first place rather than sad about his retirement. His teammates are happy to have played with him, and other competitors are happy to have played against him throughout his long history with the league.

The LCS 2023 Spring Finals are coming up, with Golden Guardians and FlyQuest being top-of-the-table teams for the first time in a while. Competition in the LCS is heated, with orgs who didn’t quite make it this far trying to figure out how they can be on top in Spring.

For a while, though, everything seems to have stopped to recognize just how much impact Bjergsen had in the LCS.

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